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God's Plan for History

God has established a plan over history amidst spiritual warfare to train responding people to become maximally maturity in Christ-likeness so they can relate to and fellowship with Him by His ways, amidst His Greatness forever.


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after viewing this website and reading its documents.


Know how God designed history to bring us to maximum maturity in Christ-likeness, so we can believe and live the way God desires so that we can know and relate to God toward His fullness in eternity. If we live our lives like the unbeliever this can impede our knowing and relating to God. Because God is infinite in Greatness, we need this maturity to learn, experience, and fellowship with God in His Greatness and Great Glory.

Begin with the summaries to gain the concepts and then read the detailed reports to gain more comprehension and the details. Read the summaries on line or download. Download the detailed reports in PDF. They generally are too long to be read on line.


Please read “first,” the “must read” document described under “What’s New” that summarizes this web site and gives us Today’s “Must Know” Big Picture Topics with instructions for what we must “urgently” do now.   Title: The Endtimes Biblical Big Picture “We All Must Know and Act Upon,” As a “Must-know” Message to Church and Family Leaders. (Dated 9-3-12)  Document (26 pages);  Summary (8 pages);  Contents (1 page).

Read this summary document to quickly gain the Biblical overall big picture. Must reading by all Christians:  Terse Summary of the Biblical “Must Know” Big Picture Foundational Understandings for All of Life  Read this Document with “Urgency” to Know the Biblical Big Picture (Detailed development is found in referenced listed documents.) (9-14-2013 10 pages)

LEARN THE BIBLICAL BIG PICTURE FOR TODAY OF WHAT GOD HAS PLANED FOR US BY WATCHING AND LISTENING TO THIS TWO PART VIDEO PRESENTED BY JOHN STEPHENSON ( videos, ~30 minutes total);  The topics discussed include: God’s Greatness; Becoming mature in Christ-likeness; Bible prophecy with the sequence for how the endtimes unfold; Doctrines that teach unambiguously a Post Tribulation Rapture; God uses the United States in Bible prophecy with the sequence to terminate history; Current national Israel; How our churches are now falling away; Recommendations for what our churches should urgently do now before the Tribulation comes.

Short Summary of God's Plan This summary gives the main ingredients for how God's Plan goes together to bring us to become maturity in Christ so that we can know God more fully in eternity. (2 pages)

Executive Summary of Critical Issues This summary presents the issues in God's Plan including those of the endtimes. We need to know these to plan our lives. (2 pages)

Purposes and Messages This summary gives the main purposes that God has for us with the main messages of the Bible. These help us to know why we are here. (3 pages)


New, Updated and Expanded - Must Read - Special Report: God's Plan Over History for Man to Become Mature in Christ Needed to Eternally Know and Relate to Our Perfect God in His Greatness. This could be the most important single document one might ever read. It presents a comprehensive overview of the Bible (biblical worldview) in one document for how biblical events lead to our developing maturity in Christ-likeness. This is so we can know and relate to our perfect God in His Greatness forever. Why walking by faith and sacrificial love are essential. It presents the current Israel situation, how and why the endtimes unfold, how the United States is found indirectly in prophecy, what causes the Tribulation and Rapture to come, how spiritual warfare strategies are causing our Churches to fall away, our greatly needed training and preparedness, particularly of the children, and signs signal the Tribulation can come at any time. (69 pages) Summary (5 pages). The same report in sections: Part One: Preliminary Discussion (18 pages); Part Two: Gaining Maturity (18 pages): Part Three: MUST READ: History's Events With Prophecy: (26 Pages) and Part Four: What Our Churches Should Do Now (10 Pages).

Greater Understanding and Background

A must read summary document by all people to have a maximum eternal real time relationship with God:  We, Created by God, Are to Walk in Total Obedience to His Direction in His Fellowship, to the Fullest, Forever   Apart from walking eternally in fellowship with our infinite perfect God, there is nothing. This document presents a top level integrated understanding for how we are to live under His direction in love-faith obedience forever. (12-11-2013 5 pages.)

Must Read Document by All Church and Family Leaders to Gain Today's Big Picture of Our Needed Walk with God and How and Why the Endtimes Are Now Unfolding:  The Biblical Worldview Big Picture from about 1800 AD  ("Watchman Alert" in Summary Form) (7-21-2012 15 pages.)

The Greatness of God Must be Central This report is must reading. It shows how God's Greatness must be central to our lives if we are to live as God planned. It presents God's Plan from Genesis to Revelation, how the endtimes unfold, and what we should be doing now. It describes the strategies of the spiritual warfare. (28 pages) This report is also available in two parts. Part One covers knowing and living by God's Greatness. (12 pages) Part Two presents God's Plan from Genesis to Revelation, how the endtimes unfold, and what we should be doing now. It describes the strategies of the spiritual warfare. (20 pages)

Must Read by Church Elders and Leaders: State of the Union Message: Special Love Letter-report to Our Church Elders; Important and Urgent Changes to Make This document explains the critical times in which we live and how are churches are being transformed to Satan's schemes and strategies. It provides important ministries that our churches must implement now with urgency. This is a most important document that all church elders must read. We have but a short time remaining before the endtimes Tribulation comes in which to do very key ministries. (55 pages) Summary (6 pages). This document is also available in parts  OneTwoThree, and  Four.

New - Special Report - Read This First: The Very Most Important Concept Under God To Understand And Live Out We are to gain maturity in Christ-likeness, by learning to live as Christ lives patterned after His walk with God the Father. This life allows us to know and relate to our perfect God in His Greatness. It allows us to live holy and righteously in intimate fellowship with Him and each other without sin forever. Apart from this relationship, there is nothing. (4 pages)

Churches are Being Transformed

Special Report: Serious Symptomatic Problems in Today's Churches Based on Four Major Causes with their Impacts and Indicated Solutions Detail analysis and impacts of the Church Growth Movement consisting of the Seeker Friendly, Emerging, and other churches. This is must reading to understand what is happening to our churches today and what our churches should now do. Summary (9 pages); Main Report (74 pages). The same main report in four parts: Part One: The Church Growth Movement (25 pages); Part Two: Details (25 pages); Part Three: God's Plan and Causes (25 pages); Part Four: Summary Items (16 pages).

Must Read - Special Report: Our Churches Are Falling Away, Being Transformed by the Dialectic Process to Bring World Government: Our churches by implementing Satan's dialectic process are falling away from God's best to help bring in socialism under Revelation's endtimes world government. Our churches must now work diligently and urgently for revival in greater obedience to God. Recommendations are presented to train our people to become mature in Christ. Main Report (37 pages); Summary of Main Report (4 pages). The report is also available in two arts. Part One (16 pages); Part Two (23 pages).

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