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Summary of God's Plan

God's Ultimate Objective for Us
and How the Endtimes Unfold
John M. Stephenson
December 30, 2005


GOD - Our single God of only the Holy Bible is perfect and complete in every attribute and character quality. He is without sin and darkness of any kind or any amount. He has self existence and lives in and is absolute perfection. He is holy, love, righteous, and true. He is absolute truth. He knows everything, has infinite power, and is everywhere present. He interacts with billions of angels and humans at the same time, and without partiality. God consists of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. They have always existed and none were created. All things come to us from the Father, through the Son, and directly to us by the Holy Spirit.

GOD'S PURPOSE FOR MAN - He has created us so that we can fellowship with Him and each other and know and relate to Him in His perfection throughout eternity. He wants for us to live amidst His Great Glory forever. Knowing and relating to Him such that we live by His love, holiness, and righteousness is all there is.

SPIRITUAL ABILITY - For us to interact with God, live without sin, in His holiness, we need a mature spiritual ability in Christ-likeness. God gave us and designed this lifetime to develop this ability. We are to live by faith in God to fulfill His many promises. (We must live by faith because we will never see God the Father. We will see the Lord Jesus Christ who is the visible image of the invisible God.) We activate our faith by obeying the instructions associated with each promise. As we do, we live without sin, God works all things together in our lives for our good, and we receive more revelation from God, about Himself, His Word, and how we are to live. We are to live by great love for God and each other. We activate this love by keeping God's commandments. When we do, we abide in His love, and we live holy lives. We are also to live by the character qualities for Church leadership.

God will lead us in our lives (now in our trials and testings) for what promises, commandments, and character qualities we are to use. This presumes we know them. As we obey, we are filled with the Holy Spirit. The overview for this life is that we are to live as our Lord does. He only lived by which came from God the Father as a source. He took no independent initiative of any kind. Thus, He could say that He who has seen Me has also seen My Father. He could say this because He, from Himself, was doing nothing. We are to live this way in relationships and under their authority. Today, His guidance comes from the Bible. He will lead us to follow what is in the Bible such that every thought and action by which we live, comes from Him as a source. This is the only way we can live holy and righteously and without sin. This makes Him our God. Then God is God all in all.

SPIRITUAL REQUIREMENTS - We are born with a depraved nature in the Dominion of Satan (not in the Kingdom of God) that sins, does not seek after God, and is without ability to become mature in Christ-likeness. Further, the sin (transgression of God's relationship laws) causes us to fall under the condemnation of God that requires a justice to be satisfied that we cannot satisfy. As such we are destined to be cast eternally into the Lake of Fire away from God after our death and resurrection as a means for God to satisfy His Justice. Thus, in order for us to pursue maturity in Christ-likeness, we need God's Justice applied to us in order for us to go to heaven. We need to be transferred into the Kingdom of God. We need to receive a new nature that does not sin and allows to seek after God and to pursue maturity in Christ-likeness beginning with this lifetime.

CHRIST BROUGHT THE SOLUTION TO MAN'S REQUIREMENTS - Christ died on the Cross and satisfied God's justice for sin. In His death, burial, and resurrection, Christ established a New Covenant in His blood that when received by man without any of man's works of any kind that is written only in the Holy Bible, God satisfied justice is applied to man. (We are to follow the instructions given with the promise of salvation to activate our faith such as to pray if we believe in the Gospel. The Gospel is that Christ died on the Cross for man's sin, was buried, and rose bodily from the dead on the third day according to the Scriptures - the Holy Bible.) But salvation is a free gift from God by His Grace without any works of man of any kind or amount. The Cross is complete work in itself - it is efficacious.

When this happens, Good's condemnation is removed from man. He is transferred into the Kingdom of God. He now becomes the Church of Christ. God gives him a new divine nature that does not sin and thus, does not incur any future condemnation from God. Thus, the new believer has eternal life with a guarantee to be with God in heaven after death and resurrection. The Holy Spirit also seals man which brings a guarantee of believing man to be with God in heaven after death and resurrection. God rejects all efforts of man to work to maintain their salvation. They are not needed because God maintains our salvation.

According to the Bible, all those who do not receive the Cross of Christ without the works of man will be cast into the Lake of Fire regardless of their religious or other beliefs. This will happen for an alternate way for God to satisfy His Justice for sin. This will happen because man rejected God's love in providing His satisfied Justice through the Cross. This will happen because God's satisfied justice by the Cross for their sin has not been personally applied to them. God's justice for sin (transgression of His laws) must be satisfied. Man is without excuse because He knew of God through His invisible power in creation.

THE JOB GOD HAS ENTRUSTED TO THE CHURCH - God through Christ has entrusted to the Church that she evangelize the entire world (both entire local and foreign areas) that all might believe the Gospel. Then after the new converts believe, she is to mature them in Christ at the highest skill levels (that she understands) of mature spiritual ability in Christ-likeness in relationship living, living as Christ lived. This entrustment is in contrast to doing only some evangelism and working only to bring some growth in Christ.

DOCUMENTS - See my document on how to become a Christian that presents all the Scriptures. See my other documents providing much more detail about God's Plan for man.


When one studies the literature about how the endtimes unfold, one finds that there are at least six different views with conflicting tenets. These views have stood side by side for many years without resolution. Resolution is found when one sees that Revelation's events unfold in a sequence like what happened to the Old Testament Jews, all believers, both Jews and Gentiles, are in the Church, and Daniel's seventieth week is history when Christ brought the New Covenant.

God established the sequence to terminate history whose events implement those required by Revelation's seven-sealed scroll. In the sequence, there is the favored nation, now the United States, internationalists that guide history secretly, and world government. Signs, according to the sequence, now signal that world government can come at any time beginning with a world wide calamity. When the sin of the favored nation and the other nations crosses God's threshold for sin, God allows Satan to bring the calamity. The calamity and world government are the endtimes Tribulation that occurs just before Christ's Second Coming.

Because the Cross broke down the barrier of the dividing wall between the Jew and Gentile, there will be no future Jewish periods. This is because in Christ for believers there are no ethnic divisions. All are one in Christ with Christ alone having all preeminence and first place. There is no Jew or Gentile as believers in Christ. Christ is now marrying the Church. Thus, He must have divorced Covenant Israel (not individual believers).

The world government will make war with the Church. Believers will be martyred and the children and youth satanically educated by the state. Most Christian pastors and leaders will be arrested and martyred. Most properties will be confiscated. People will have to work to gain a living. There will be an attempt to control population through martyrdom, abortion, the plague, and through gay marriages. The concept is satanic strategy to keep the elect from being born, believing, and accomplishing God chosen work.

After all people who are to live, have lived, and have made formal decision to accept or deny the Gospel, then the heavenly court sits after the Tribulation and determines that Christ has won the spiritual warfare over Satan. As a result the court awards the Kingdom of God and the Title Deed of the Earth to Christ. This gives Christ the legal authority to bring the termination of history. He raptures the Church and brings the destruction of all unbelievers. Christ uses the 1000 years as a day of time, as the Church reigns with Him, to determine whether or not any one left on earth will repent. None do. So He brings the destruction of all unbelievers left on earth after the Rapture in the battles of Armageddon when Christ brings the rod of iron and the wine press operations. The Second Coming of Christ covers the period of the Rapture, the 1000 years, all resurrections, and the Great White Throne Judgment. (The 1000 years do not occur in the Church Period, nor do they occur after Christ's Coming.

Christ raptures and resurrects the Church before the 1000 years. They are rewarded according to their works. They go to the New Jerusalem to be with Christ forever. They will lose their sinful natures and will gain much more knowledge about God. He resurrects all unbelievers after the 1000 years. They are judged at the Great White Throne Judgment and are cast into the Lake of Fire for punishment according to their works. All they knew about the Bible and God will be taken away from them. They denied this is life. They will live away from Christ forever.

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