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Video: The Big Picture

LEARN THE BIBLICAL BIG PICTURE FOR TODAY OF WHAT GOD HAS PLANED FOR US BY WATCHING AND LISTENING TO THIS TWO PART VIDEO PRESENTED BY JOHN STEPHENSON (~30 minutes total);  The topics discussed include: God’s Greatness that He uses to direct our lives through Christ; How we become maximally spiritually mature in Christ-likeness needed for a walk with God now and for eternity; Bible prophecy with the sequence for how the endtimes unfold; Many doctrines that teach unambiguously the Rapture comes after the endtimes Tribulation; How the Church is found in Revelation; How the United States is found in Bible prophecy and the sequence for how God is using her to terminate history; The current and future situation for national Israel; How are churches are now falling away from God’s requirements and thus, causing the Tribulation to come, bringing them divine discipline; and Recommendations for what our churches should (must) be doing now with urgency (and penalties if we do not) before the Calamity comes that will bring in Tribulation.

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Part One

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Part Two


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