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Biblical Training

Purposes and Messages

John M. Stephenson
January 19, 2006

The main message of the entire Bible is for each person to pursue and attain to a mature high-level spiritual ability in Christ-likeness in this lifetime so that in eternity we know the infinite God in depth and relate to Him in His fullest and to each other. To miss this point is to miss the main message of the Bible and of life. All other aspects of the Bible, including salvation in Christ, lead to this purpose. We should soberly understand and realize that in the long term apart from knowing and relating to the infinite God, there is nothing. All else is vanity. We are talking much more than eternal-life salvation in Christ, although this is of most vital importance.

In order to help us understand this main message, the Biblical Worldview brings us an objective and overall big-picture story of the key and crucial aspects of God's Plan for now, for what our situation will be in eternity, and what will happen, for which we should be prepared, as Revelation's end times unfold. It includes presenting the prophetic view that explains how the events of Revelation unfold, and what we will experience. It brings the message that God is now warning us that He will soon bring His end time disciplinary judgment for sin that will be implemented by calamity and international government.

The Biblical Worldview allows us to have the background and procedures to know and relate to God in the fullest, both now and in eternity. It contains need-to-know information. It also includes biblical interpretive mistakes to avoid. It includes topics of God's Plan, how Revelation unfolds, the spiritual warfare and satanic strategies; how our churches are losing their way, what we should do now, and the impacts of our situation.

At this point in time, the Biblical Worldview warns us that God is now warning that He will soon initiate the sequence the terminates history. He is bringing His endtimes disciplinary (not penal) judgment for sin that will be implemented by calamity and international government (Revelation's Beast World Empire) that both the Church and the rest of the people will experience. This sequence will lead to Christ's Second Coming and the Rapture.

Many of our Churches have missed this major point of maturity in Christ and how the endtimes unfold because the Bible is complex and requires us seeking out its truths like looking for hidden treasure. The big picture situation is like looking at the many facets of a diamond. The diamond of God's Plan comes into view when we see and understand the many aspects of God's Plan. Each aspect is like a single, but related, face of the Bible's diamond. The Biblical Worldview presents these faces of the diamond that we need to see the over picture.

To help us accomplish God's Plan of doing evangelism and reach maturity levels in Christ, this Biblical Worldview brings training materials that can help us do area-wide evangelism and grow in Christ toward a high-level spiritual ability in Christ's likeness.

The Biblical Worldview brings the following important and key messages:

God's Major Plan

Be Warned, God's End Time Disciplinary Judgment is Coming

High-Level Spiritual Warfare

Churches Are Losing Their Way; Falling Away

What We in Our Churches Should Do Now

Key Things to Understand

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