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Rapture Timing and Endtimes Prophecy

Watchman Warning: Signs now signal the Endtimes are unfolding to bring history’s termination (with the Tribulation and then the Rapture at Christ's Coming) and divine discipline on our falling away (especially US) churches, how the U.S. is found indirectly in endtimes prophecy, and have all remaining people make formal decisions to accept or deny the Gospel.


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Introduction to Bible Prophecy

Benefits: Know how God designed how the endtimes will unfold in a sequence patterned after what happened to the Old Testament Jews. Learn how the United States is found indirectly in prophecy. Learn what we will experience as the endtimes come, and what we should be doing now to prepare for them. They will come in a whirlwind without warning. We should be warned to train our children and youth with great urgency because the coming world government will take them from the parents and satanically educate them by the state without the parents being able to do anything about it.

Understanding Prophecy: When one does a serious study of Bible prophecy, one soon finds that there are more than six views with conflicting tenets that have remained side by side without resolution by the overall Church. We have taken an approach that begins with God's Plan for history and then determined how prophecy fits into the end phase of God's Plan. This approach brings resolution.

With this approach, our view is that prophecy can be best understood when one sees that Daniel's seventieth week is history when Christ brought the New Covenant, Revelation's events unfold in a pattern sequence, all believers in Christ are the Church, Israel as a covenant nation (not individual Jews) is gone forever, there is a future Tribulation, there are no ethnic divisions in Christ and all are one in Christ, the Rapture occurs at Christ's Second Coming, and the 1000 years come during Christ's Second Coming.

Key Aspects and Orientation to the Understanding of Bible Prophecy

My Testimony: How I Discovered and Developed my Bible Prophecy View: The Imprtance and Impact of Having the Correct Biblical View. This is my personal testimony for how God had me develop and discover my view of Bible Prophecy. I have taken a systematic approach by first discovering God's Plan for history and then showing how prophecy and the spiritual warfare fit into His plan. My view is based on finding the Bible's harmonization of over 40 doctrines taking many inputs from the published literature. It shows how Revelation's events unfold and why. We must be prepared in advance of the soon-coming endtimes. (7 pages)

KEY MESSAGES: (1) Many doctrines (over 10) teach unambiguously the Rapture comes after the Tribulation (interpretation errors used for a Pre-Tribulation Rapture are presented); (2) The sequence by which God is using now to terminate history, using the United States (and how the United States is found indirectly in the Bible); (3) The current falling away of our American churches is a prime cause of the coming endtimes Tribulation that is used for divine discipline; (4) Signs now signal most loudly that the endtimes Tribulation can come any time like a sudden earthquake - how our churches (and families) must urgently ready themselves; (5) The situation with national Israel today since the Cross (Daniel’s seventieth week is definitely history).

Read the “must read” document described under “What’s New” that summarizes this web site and gives us Today’s “Must Know” Big Picture Topics with instructions for what we must “urgently” do now.   Title: The Endtimes Biblical Big Picture “We All Must Know and Act Upon,” As a “Must-know” Message to Church and Family Leaders. (Dated 9-3-12)  Document (26 pages);  Summary (8 pages);  Contents (1 page).

Glossary and Definition of Prophetic Terms This report defines the terms associated with the understanding of endtimes prophecy. (3 pages)

Orientation to Bible Prophecy This summary presents the many aspects and elements that are involved in the understanding and presentation of Bible prophecy. Those not familiar with prophecy should begin here. (5 pages) For a summary of an overall understanding of God's Plan for history and endtimes prophecy, read our book: Watchman How Far Gone is the Night?

Summary of Endtimes Prophecy This summary presents the overview for how the endtimes will unfold. It shows the Rapture will be Post-Tribulational and the 1000 years come during Christ's Second Coming. The Church will go through the Tribulation because her falling away is partly responsible for the Tribulation coming according to the endtimes pattern sequence. Signs now signal the Tribulation can come at any time. (18 pages)

The Issues and the Driving Doctrines in the Understanding of Endtimes Prophecy This report describes the issues in the understanding of Bible Prophecy. All serious student should read this report. (13 pages)

Must Read by all Church and Family leaders:   Integrated Overview of Today's Biblical Big Picture   Presents How the Endtimes Unfold in a Post-trib Rapture, Becoming Maximally Mature in Christ-likeness, The Spiritual Warfare, How Our Churches Are Now Falling Away, How the US and Israel Are Found in Endtimes Prophecy, and What We and Our Churches Must "Urgently" Do Now (11 pages) (Updated 1-27-12.)

Rapture Timing – The Sequence for How the Endtimes Unfold

Must Read Document by All Church Leaders:  Doctrines That Teach Unambiguously a Post Tribulation Rapture   This document presents the Biblical big picture of the Jewish situation and many doctrines that singly and in combination teach "unambiguously" a Post Tribulation Rapture. Leaders should prepare their people now for soon entering the endtimes Tribulation. (7 pages 6/27/2013)

Over 20 Bible doctrines teach "unambiguously" the Church will go through the endtimes Tribulation to be raptured afterwards. (See our website document.)  (10 pages)

My View:  The Pattern View of Prophecy - The Many Doctrines of Prophecy Show Clearly the Rapture Will Come Post-Tribulational and the 1000 Years During Christ's Second Coming This detailed report presents and develops the prophetic doctrines from Scripture. When over 40 doctrines are considered and finding the Bible harmonization, it becomes clear that the Rapture can only come Post-Tribulational and the 1000 years come during Christ's Second Coming. It shows that the events of Revelation unfold in a sequence similarly as to what happened to the Old Testament Jews. THIS REPORT IS NECESSARY READING IF ONE WANTS TO UNDERSTAND ENDTIMES PROPHECY. This report shows clearly that Dispensational Theology with its Pre-tribulational Rapture and Jewish golden-age Millennium is not taught in Scripture. (52 pages) The same Document in Parts: Endtimes Prophecy Part One (Introduction 9 pages); Endtimes Prophecy Part Two (How Revelation Unfolds 7 pages; Endtimes Prophecy Part Three (Rapture Doctrines 19 pages); Endtimes Prophecy Part Four (The 1000 Years, Life's Impacts 17 pages)

Must See Video Presentations of John Stephenson: Rapture Timing:  A simple approach that shows unambiguously that the Rapture occurs after the coming Endtimes Tribulation and what is the present Israel situation (~11 Minutes, March 2011); Spiritual Warfare:  Presenting satanic strategies used in an attempt to win the spiritual warfare (~8 Minutes, March 2011).

The Situation with National Israel and Interpretation Errors that Wrongly Establish the Pre-tribulation Rapture View

Understanding the Endtimes Biblical Jewish Situation and What We Must Do Now As the Endtimes Unfold This report shows how the Jews relate to God throughout history, including now in these endtimes. Jews and Gentiles, can have all of what God offers all believers particularly gaining maximum maturity in Christ so they can know and relate to God. God has not forsaken the Jews in any way. (20 Pages)

Summary Report: Interpretation Errors Showing the Pre-tribulation Rapture View is Incorrect and is not Taught in Scripture This report discusses the major issues in defining endtimes prophecy and lists over 15 interpretive errors in the tenets used to develop the Pre-Tribulation Rapture View of endtimes prophecy. In doing so, doctrines are presented that clearly show a Post-Tribulation Rapture. With both the errors and correct doctrines, the report clearly shows the Pre-Tribulation Rapture View is not taught in the Bible. This document is must reading by all prophecy students so that we will be sure to mature, brief, and prepare our people in Christ before the Tribulation comes. (14 pages)

Watchman Warning to Church and Family Leaders
(Signs Now Signal the Endtimes Are Unfolding)

Church and Family leaders please read this document at "top priority" for a detailed comprehensive summary of today's Biblical Big Picture Situation that "we all must know and urgently act upon." “URGENT” WATCHMAN WARNING: Signs Now Signal Most Loudly That Revelation’s Endtimes Tribulation Will Begin in the Next Few Months to a Few Years - “Get (Be) Ready”. There are “many aspects” in the overall endtimes big picture that we churches and families must know to implement God's plan and to gain His best in our current and eternal times. It presents the blood moon situation and U.S. both in Bible prophecy, and the sequence for how God is using the U.S. to terminate history. (10 pages, 11-11-2013)

ENDTIMES WATCHMAN WARNING (Immediately Prepare for Entering the Soon Coming Endtimes and Pursue Gaining Maximum Maturity in Christ-likeness Needed for Eternity):  It presents an overview of how Revelation's endtimes will soon unfold and what we will experience when they come. It presents incentive (current signaling signs) for us to "urgently" prepare(including working with our youth) for Revelation's endtimes and to gain maximum maturity in Christ-likeness needed for a mature relationship in eternity with God. Please

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after reading. (17 pages, 5-21-2013)

WATCHMAN WARNING: Recommendations That Should Be “Urgently” Implemented by Church Leaders and Family Heads (Prepare for Going Through Revelation’s Endtimes Soon Coming Tribulation and Gain Maximum Maturity in Christ-likeness Needed for Eternity for a Maximum Eternal Relationship with Our Perfect Infinite God.) (8 pages; 3-27-13)

Watchman Warning (Dated June 28, 2011). "Must Read" New Document for these times, especially by those responsible for and to train others, in order to understand the big picture of what is happening today and for what we "now must do".   Watchman Warning (43 pages). Watchman Warning also in 3 sections: Summary (with table of contents) (2 pages); Part One: Concepts (19 pages); Part Two: Must Know (Greatly Needed) Detailed Background (23 pages).

DOCUMENT MESSAGE: Presents and explains: (1) Signs now signal loudly we are soon going into the endtimes Tribulation under world government; (2) Cyclic history is over. We are now in the sequence that God is using to terminate history; (3) What is happening to our American  churches and why; (4) The Israel situation; (5) Doctrines that teach "unambiguously" the Rapture is Post Tribulational, not Pre-Tribulational; (6) How the U.S. is found indirectly in Bible prophecy; and (7) Helps for how we must now urgently train our people to become "maximally" mature in Christ-likeness to the degree we understand, walking by very strong faith, needed for eternity, and for going through the Tribulation. (Not to do this training can prevent our people from eternally "maximally" interfacing with God and can cause them to be caught blind sided when the Calamity with the Tribulation come, without knowing what is happening to them. (We must not let these happen.) Send us your comments.

Latest (dated 8-12-2011) must read document re the big picture of what is now happening and why.   Presented doctrines unambiguously teach the Church's Rapture comes after the Tribulation and how the endtimes unfold. Recommendations are presented for what our churches and families "must urgently" do now and why, and the most serious consequences if they do not. Read first the letter of transmittal (4 pages): Church Elders and Pastors (All church leaders); and afterwards the Table of Contents of major report (1 page); and then the major report (23 pages): Prepare "Now" for Going Through the Soon-Coming Endtimes, Bringing the Tribulation, Rapture, and Christ's Second Coming; "Helps to Urgently Prepare Our People."

"Urgent Message" to Church and Family Leaders:   Get your people urgently ready for the soon-coming endtimes Calamity and Tribulation and having God's best in spiritual maturity for eternity or "pay severe penalties." Read the following two documents, beginning with DOCUMENT TWO, for recommendations, for needed "vital" background information, and for needed urgent actions.
DOCUMENT ONE: Recommended "Urgent" Actions and Pathway Plan to Have God's Best in Our Churches Now that Many-Many and Our Country Are Falling Away as the Endtimes Are Now Unfolding (14 pages). (This document is founded on Document #2.)
DOCUMENT TWO: Summaries of "Vital Must Know" Current Major Big Picture Issues. We are in great spiritual warfare, how the endtimes are now unfolding, what is the rapture timing, what is Israel's situation, why our churches are massively falling away, what our churches must do now. (44 Pages)

Must Read by all Pastors and Church and Family Leaders: Summary Presentation: How Revelation's Events Unfold and How the United States is Found in Bible Prophecy This report describes how the endtimes unfold and what we will experience as they do. It presents how the events of Revelation unfold according to a Pattern Sequence and how the United States is found indirectly in Bible prophecy. It presents two "most important" actions that all churches should (must) do now with a sense of urgency in preparation for eternity and the "soon coming" endtimes. Signs and conditions now signal loudly that the calamity leading to the endtimes world government can come at any tme. It is a must read document by all Christians, particularly church and family leaders. (21 pages with an initial summary)

Big Picture Summary

Must Read Summary Document for all Church and Family Heads: Need-to-know Summary of the Big Picture   (Biblical Perspective of What Is Happening Now and Why as Revelation's Endtimes Are Now Unfolding, What Things Will Soon Happen to Us and Why, and What God Wants Us Now With "Urgency" to Become, Do, and Prepare in Excellence) (This summary document presents: God's plan for history, the strategies in the spiritual warfare between Christ and Satan, the situation now with Israel, what the Cross accomplished in addition to justification, how the endtimes unfold, and the minimum training needed to become mature in Christ-likeness needed for eternity.) (24 Pages)

Endtimes Scenario as to How the Endtimes Will Unfold This report shows how the endtimes will unfold according the Pattern Sequence and the seven-sealed scroll and what we will experience. The most terrible of times are coming. We need to know this scenario and prepare for what the endtimes will bring. The times will be most terrible for our children and youth. We must prepare now with urgency before they come. Once the Tribulation comes, it will be too late to prepare. (14 pages) A prerequisite to reading this report is the report: Detailed Presentation of the Doctrines of Prophecy. A recommended prerequisite to reading this report is the report: The Pattern View of Prophecy - The Many Doctrines of Prophecy Show Clearly the Rapture Will Come Post-Tribulational and the 1000 Years During Christ's Second Coming

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