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Watchman Warning book

Watchman Warning (1994) contains 470 8 ½" by 11" pages. Being fully illustrated, it presents an overview understanding of the entire Bible with a detailed development of endtimes prophecy showing how Revelation's events unfold in a sequence similarly as to what happened to the Old Testament Jews. It presents what we will experience as the endtimes come, and what we should be doing now that the endtimes are unfolding. A detailed comparison of the many prophecy views is presented, showing interpretation errors. It develops God's Plan for history showing the happenings in each dispensation and that we are on earth to become maximumly mature in Christ-likeness for eternity purposes. It shows that the Bible teaches a Post-tribulation Rapture, Daniel's seventieth week is history, how the United States is found in prophecy, and the 1000 years come during Christ's Second Coming. Christ gains authority to rapture the Church at the seventh trumpet after the Tribulation when the heavenly court determines He has won the spiritual warfare over Satan. The book is must reading. It brings a strong warning that signs now signal the Tribulation can come at any time. The Church will go through the Tribulation because her behavior is partly responsible for its coming. The NAS Bible is used.

Watchman How Far Gone is the Night? book

Watchman How Far Gone is the Night? (1995) contains 246 9" by 6" pages and presents a summary of the Watchman Warning book. This book presents a comprehensive summary overview, a comparison of the prophetic views, right and wrong doctrines, and a good introduction to Bible prophecy. It presents God's Plan for history, how prophecy fits into His Plan, and that the events of Revelation unfold in a Pattern Sequence ordered by the events of the seven-sealed scroll. The Rapture comes Post- Tribulational and the 1000 years come during Christ's Second Coming. The seventieth week of Daniel is history with the ministry of Christ. The book is fully illustrated. It describes what we as a Church and families should be doing now that the endtimes can be imminent. NAS Bible is used.


These books are no longer available from the author, now deceased. They can still be found on Amazon.

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