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BENEFITS: Learn the doctrines with detailed Scriptural development that show clearly the Rapture comes after the endtimes Tribulation, what must happen that causes God to bring the Tribulation and the Rapture, how the events of Revelation unfold, and the Tribulation purposes. Learn how the United States is found indirectly in prophecy in a Pattern Sequence similar to what happen to the Old Testament Jews.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. The Essence of the Issues It describes the many issues that deal with the endtimes. This includes the performance of our churches, the many views of Bible prophecy and their impact, and a summary of how the endtimes will unfold that we will experience. This chapter is must reading for those who want to know what is and will be happening. Urge your friends to read this chapter because it presents a new view on how the events of Revelation unfold and what we should now do. (46 pages)

Chapter 3. God's Plan and Millennial Doctrines This chapter presents God's Plan for all of bblical history, the spiritual warfare, and how the endtimes will unfold. God's covenants through the Bible including those to Israel are discussed in ddetail. It describes the issues in the determination of prophetic views. It describes the logic in the proper determination of the biblical prophetic view. This chapter is needed reading for those wanting to understand the Bible as a whole and what God has planned. (53 pages)

Chapter 4. The Rapture Doctrines This chapter presents the many Rapture related doctrines (over 40) that clearly teach the Rapture comes at Christ's Second Coming after the endtimes Tribulation. The many doctrines are discussed including interpretations for other views showing why, in our view, they are incorrect. For those wanting to know the Rapture timing, this is a must read chapter. (36 pages)

Chapter 5. The Pattern Sequence of Revelation It develops in detail how Revelation's events unfold and why, according to the seals, trumpets, and bowls. It shows how the events of Revelation unfold in a similar manner and sequence as to what happened to the Old Testament Jews (See Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28). It shows how the United States is found as a favored nation indirectly in prophecy. This match allows us to know what can happen in Revelation and in the United States by studying what happened to the Jews. The events of Revelation unfold according to the seven- sealed scroll that allow Christ to win back the Title Deed of the Earth from Satan that he obtained in the Garden of Eden with the fall of man. There definitely is a future Tribulation. The Rapture occurs at the time of Christ's Second Coming. (30 pages)

Chapter 6. How the Endtimes Will Unfold This chapter describes how the endtimes will unfold according to Revelation's sequence of the seals, trumpets, and bowls. It describes how the spiritual warfare is involved with its strategies. This chapter is needed reading for those who want to understand Revelation, the spiritual warfare, and how the endtines will unfold that we will experience. It describes the eternal states. (21 pages)

Chapter 7. Why the Endtimes are Unfolding This chapter discusses the reasons why the endtines are coming and why our churches, especially her leadership, are responsible for the Tribulation coming. It describes some false doctrines that must be avoided that are being enacted in many of our churches. It describes how our churches should act, what they should believe, and what is especially required now of church leadership. This chapter is must reading by church leadership. (39 pages)

Appendix A. Detailed Description of the Unfolding Endtimes This appendix describes how the endtimes will unfold and what we can experience as they do. They unfold according to Revelation's Pattern Sequence patterned after what happened to the Old Testament Jews. We need to know them so we will know what is happening when they come so we can stand strong under the coming persecution. We can know the signs that signal when they can be coming. (28 pages)

Appendix B. Daniel's Prophecy of the Seventy Weeks The seventy weeks prophecy of Daniel Chapter Nine tells the Jews when their Messiah would come and bring the New Covenant for salvation. Our Lord was crucified in the middle of the last and seventieth week. The weeks do not refer to the Anti-Christ or the endtimes Tribulation. Thus, the Tribulation can last longer than seven years. Because all the weeks are exclusively Jewish and are history, and Revelation's Tribulation is all nations in characteristic, they form no basis for a Pre-Tribulation Rapture. The Rapture will come Post-Tribulational. (26 pages)

Appendix C. The Olivet Discourse The Olivet Discourse is a prophecy the Lord gives the Jews for the coming destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple in AD 70 and the time of His Second Coming. There are no physical temples in God's Plan after the Cross and when the Church became the sanctuary of God. The Abomination of Desolation refers to the Roman armies in AD 70 and not to a physical temple in the endtimes Tribulation. The prophecy teaches a Post-Tribulation Rapture when at Christ's Second Coming the elect will be gathered from all ends of heaven and from all ends of the earth. (13 pages)


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