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God's Plan for History, Endtimes Prophecy, and Christian Maturity Training

We are here to gain a high skill experiential maturity in Christ-likeness so we can walk intimately with God in eternity. We are to live by love and by faith, so God not us, works all things together for good. We are do only what comes from God as a source, walking as our Lord walks. We must be prepared to enter the endtimes, we will experience before the Rapture.


Be urgently prepared with food and water etc including how to walk by very strong faith and be mature in Christ for going through the coming severe persecution and hard times. Composite signs now (March 2015) signal most loudly that the endtimes Tribulation can come at any time (with only God knowing the exact timing). Over 20 Bible doctrines teach unambiguously the Church will go through the endtimes Tribulation to be raptured afterwards (see our web site document Twenty Bible Doctrines Teach Unambiguously a Post-tribulation Rapture). Urgently now warn and prepare your church and family people. We must not them be caught blind sided. Please read the overall big picture summary on this Home Page with urgency and send us comments.


The Biblical Worldview Ministries Website Presents the Bible’s Big Picture World View with its Many Topics So We Can train to:

(1) Gain Now a Maximum Experiential Walk with Our Infinite God for Eternity Purposes,
(2) Know What He Has Planned for Biblical History with the Sequence of Endtimes Prophecy,
(3) Have a Watchman Warning to Pursue Righteous Living (Departing From Known Sin) Including by Strong Faith and Great Love for Us to Be Prepared for Eternity and for Entering the Soon Coming Endtimes, and
(4) Know How We must Respond to God, Standing Strong by Faith, Without Falling Away, in the Endtimes Tribulation.

(We must Be Trained with Both the Principles and, With Examples, How to Live out the Principles.)

There are many topics presented that we and our churches need to know from the Bible in order to learn and implement God’s plan over history. (When we refer to God, we generally mean God the Father.) Our web site presents many of these topics with their detailed development in documents (located on several separate web site pages) as the Bible’s big picture. It takes time to study, learn, and implement the many topics. We encourage you (and me) to do so to gain and live out God’s best now and especially in eternity. It is a lifetime growth process for all of us. We must now urgently ready ourselves to enter Revelation’s endtimes and eternity and be prepared to obey God under the coming persecution.

The bottom line purposes for us being now on earth are: (1) to become Christians, receiving a divine nature, so we can (will) go and be with God to heaven, and then (2) most importantly, become greatly experientially mature in Christ-likeness, “living out needed principles under God’s leadership,” so we can relate maximumly to and know our infinite God, both now and especially in eternity. He has infinite and perfect attributes and will provide us the only perfect life that exists. In heaven, we will learn much-much more of His Glory and Greatness we cannot know now. We must be aware that the Bible indirectly teaches that our current lifetime with its testing and developing environment in spiritual warfare is the only time for us to gain this needed and desired maturity. The current development environment will not be in heaven. This is why we are now here. Thus, we, helping each other, must pay attention and pursue high skill spiritual maturity with priority as God now commands and desires we have. Otherwise, we can pay a most terrible price of knowing and relating to God much less throughout eternity. (Send us your thoughts and comments.)


We are here now to gain a high skill maturity in Christ-likeness so we can have a maximum relationship and walk with God (and each other) in eternity. Apart fro this mature relationship, there is nothing.

(We must be trained to walk by very mature faith because, as now and in heaven, we will never see God physically or ever hear His voice. We know now that God exists by faith by means of God’s creation. There will be some evidence sign in heaven also.)

It does not matter when we die as long as: (1) we are Christians so we will go to heaven; (2) we have accomplished what God has planned for us now to do; and (3) we have gained a maximum high skill spiritual ability in Christ-likeness, particularly walking by very strong faith. We receive revelation of the Scriptures when we walk by faith. In this lifetime, we know but little of God’s infinite Greatness, we only have a glimpse. We need now to be trained to live by mature faith so in eternity, we can gain much more revelation of God’s Greatness which we cannot know now. Then we will have the best “eternal” relationship with God (and with each other) and get to know Him in much more of His depth-breadth. We will have the best possible life that exists. Not to pursue this faith walk and maturity, we will pay a great eternal penalty of very likely a lessor relationship to God.

MY BACKGROUND (John Stephenson, Founder of this ministry): I was trained as a satellite communications systems engineer that searched for and integrated all the communication aspects needed in a complete satellite design. This gave me the training and background to search and integrate the Scriptures to discover and put God’s overall plan together. I have taught the Bible, generally Christian Life Principles, and have read and studied many books on prophecy, Bible doctrine, and the Christian life. (For my background, see  ABOUT US.)



(1) Present God's Plan for Human History (to the degree we know)

amidst spiritual warfare between Christ and Satan, the plan is for us, as Christians, to gain an experiential mature high-skill walk in Christ-likeness so that we can know and relate to God in His Greatness now, but especially in eternity. We are to learn to walk as Christ walked with all of life’s direction coming from God the Father as a source (now only from the Bible). Apart from this intimate relationship with God and knowing Him, there is nothing in the eternal view. God will lead us to have a perfect righteous and sinless life. Also presented is that many of our churches are now being transformed away from God’s requirements. This falling away is the cause of the endtimes coming. We must know Bible doctrine and Satan’s strategies so we will not inadvertently succumb to his will as many churches are now in part doing.  God's Plan for History

(2) Present Christian Life Training

to help us (including me) gain the needed experiential high skill spiritual life maturity in Christ-likeness, walking as He walked with all things coming from God the Father as a source, for now and eternity, and, as needed, to become a Christian so we can go to Heaven. We need to especially train how to live by love and by faith. A Guide is presented for Church leaders. We need to summarize and record from the entire Bible both what characterizes a mature Christian (our outcome goal) and the steps we must live out experientially to become mature (procedure to gain the outcome). Otherwise, we can and will fall short of God’s best. We need to train our people to do ministry, including area-wide evangelism. We must especially urgently train our children, because with the Tribulation soon coming, they will not live a normal life span. We must train with how to do things with examples and testimony, not just with what to do. Generally, one should only do the training if they have personal testimony of living out the training.  Training to Become Mature in Christ

(3) Present a Watchman Warning and Endtimes Prophecy with its Sequence

for us to know how the endtimes unfold. There are, as beging presented, over 20 doctrines that “teach unambiguously” with a warning alert we will go through the endtimes Tribulation and be raptured afterwards. See our web site document found on the  PROPHECY page,  Twenty Bible Doctrines Teach Unambiguously a Post-tribulation Rapture  We should know the warning signs that now signal an alert that the endtimes can come any time (we must now urgently prepare). Only God knows the timing. If we believe wrongly we will miss the Tribulation by a Pre-Tribulation Rapture, we must prepare anyway in case we are wrong. Not preparing, we will be caught blind sided and unprepared when the Calamity comes suddenly that will bring in the Tribulation. (The Pre-Tribulational Rapture View is wrongly founded only on assertions, no Bible doctrine.) Not to believe a Post-Tribulation Rapture, leading to not preparing, can only be Satanic strategy, so people will be caught blind sided when the Calamity comes - a major-major mistake with terrible impact on one’s people. Not becoming mature and learning to walk by strong faith, believers will fall away under the coming persecution. Learn how God is using the United States to bring the endtimes sequence to terminate history, with her churches falling away, being transformed away from God’s requirements. Churches will go through the Tribulation for divine discipline for their falling away. Their falling away is the cause of the symptom of the country falling away. For the country to be changed back to its greatness, it is necessary our churches must first have massive revival. But, apart from pockets, this will not happen. Individual churches need now to know endtimes prophecy and to do self evaluation and urgently make needed changes. We must train our people especially to walk by very strong faith so they will stand strong under the coming persecution and not fall away from active faith. We can put them now into small home churches for greater protection and helping > and supporting one another. (Go to Web Site Page: PROPHECY - Rapture Timing and Endtimes Prophecy)

(4) Present Current Happenings with Why They Are Happening

bringing warning and an alert to immediately prepare for the endtimes and gaining spiritual maturity, and what we as families and churches must urgently do now to ready ourselves and stand strong by faith in the Tribulation. Signs and conditions (such as the continued extreme weather, extreme debt, legal same sex marriages, NASA’s current black sun and blood moon predictions with Rev. 6:12, and the falling away of our American churches) now alert, signal, and warn that great calamity bringing world government and the endtimes Tribulation can come any time. (Go to Web Site Page: WHAT’S NEW - What’s New With the Biblical Big Picture.)

(5) Present an Understanding of the Spiritual Warfare Between Christ and Satan with the Warfare Issues and Satan’s Strategies

This shows what is happening and why. Our churches, even doing many-many good things, must avoid implementing Satan's strategies as many of our churches are now unknowingly doing. Three of these, being sins, designed to reach the youth and the unchurched, are: (1) teach mainly only the Bible fundamentals so people will not know the Bible in its depth to live biblically or do much ministry with excellence (not work to mature their people); (2) do but little evangelism out in local communities, especially the children and youth, so the elect will not be saved; and (3) use the world’s (Satan’s) loud rock type beat music our kids are growing up with that impedes their responding to the Holy Spirit and gives Satan, not God, worship. Bible music has the melody (sung from the heart), not rhythm, dominant.) (We must be sure we are doing what is correct by ensuring we are doing what God and Christ wants us to do - found only in the Bible, and not do what we may independently want to do that is not in the Bible.) God's Plan for History and WHAT’S NEW - What’s New With the Biblical Big Picture.)

(6) Present Some Fun Things About the Christian Life and Ministry

Fun things for the Christian life


(We can give Bible summary talks on these topics to present the overall big picture.)

LIFETIME AND ETERNITY: Our infinite and perfect God has planned this lifetime in the environment of testings and temptations amidst spiritual warfare between Christ and Satan for us to gain a mature high skill spiritual ability in Christ-likeness in relationship living. This is so that we have the spiritual ability to know and to relate to God toward His fullness and greatness as He directs every aspect of our lives. It is so we can live perfect lives in His holiness and righteousness by faith and sacrificial love in close fellowship with Him and each other for all eternity. We then can glorify and enjoy Him forever. God wants us to live perfect lives in His Glory and Greatness. Doing this, all our thoughts and actions will come from God as a source. In the eternal perspective, apart from relating greatly to Him, there is nothing else.

GOD’S INFINITE GREATNESS: God's Greatness includes, He has always existed with no beginning or end, works with billions of people simultaneously, knows everything (past, present, and future) that can be known in all categories, is everywhere that exists simultaneously, has infinite power and capability, has created our universe and all people and angels, has perfect character qualities, knows all truth, and loves us greatly. We can only gain a glimpse of His Greatness in our present lifetime. Thus, as being presented, we need to become trained now in a strong faith walk so we can gain revelation of "much-much more" of His Greatness in eternity. He has the only value and guide for life in all categories that exists.

SPIRITUAL MATURITY: Our actual spiritual maturity can only be measured by God. We must live by faith to have God act on our behalf according to His promises, live without sin, and receive revelation of the Holy Scriptures from God. One reason we must walk by faith is that we will never see Him physically or hear His voice. We know that He exists by what He does. We must live by sacrificial love, keeping God's commandments and instructions, to live holy and righteously, and know God's heart. The degree of our maturity is how we respond to God in all of life in comparison to how Christ, being perfect, would respond if he were to act in our place. Our Lord is our only role model. (The magnitude of God's directed actions for us very likely depends upon the level of maturity we may have at the time and for us to grow from that level. I know I need to grow more.)

OUR SITUATION: We, after the Garden of Eden, are born with depraved natures that sin, do not seek after God, and have no ability to become mature in Christ. We are born in Satan's Dominion under God's condemnation to spend eternity in the Lake of Fire away from God. Christ, being God's Son, lived a perfect life on earth without sin. Thus, fulfilling (obeying) God's law, He qualified to die on the Cross to satisfy God's Justice for sin on our behalf. This satisfied justice is applied to us if we believe what the Cross accomplished and receive it by faith by what is written only in the Holy Bible and activating our faith personally, such as by prayer as God works in us. Then, God, applying His satisfied Justice to us, transfers us into His Kingdom, removes His condemnation from us, and gives us a divine nature that allows us to pursue maturity in Christ under His leading. It cannot sin and now legally represents us (our sin nature no longer does). We now will go to heaven to be eternally with God. We have eternal security with God in Christ. As believers from all of history, we are one in Christ without ethnic division. We are the Church and single Body of Christ. The Biblical Church are those (both Jews and Gentiles), that having believed in Christ's Cross, have been transferred spiritually and chain of command from Satan's Dominion into God's Relationship Kingdom ruled by Christ from heaven over all the earth.

THE MAJOR ISSUE: The major issue is who works all things together for good. Only our perfect God can do so in reality, righteously, and without sin. When we attempt to do so independently from ourselves and/or from the world as a source, we sin. This is what Satan does and what Adam and Eve did. Living this way, we sin as we wrongly act like the Most High God, wrongly taking independent control of our lives. This is what our churches are doing in their falling away. Gaining maturity, we will trust God, not ourselves, to work all things together for good where all our thoughts and actions come from Him as a source and we respond in obedience. As we obey God, we glorify Him. This is how our Lord Jesus Christ lives. Appreciating God's Greatness, we will search the Scriptures for all of His directions for our lives. We will do only these, and then with excellence and commitment.

FORFEITURE: As unbelievers, we must thoroughly understand if we do not receive and believe the Gospel of Christ, we will not gain spiritual maturity in Christ-likeness. We will not go to be with God eternally in heaven after our death. We will go to the Lake of Fire forever, for the alternate way for God to satisfy His Justice for our sin. As Christians, if we do not pursue and gain mature high-skill spiritual ability in Christ-likeness, we may know less of our infinite God in all eternity. It is the responsibility of family and church heads under God’s direction to train their people to become Christians and experientially spiritually mature in Christ-likeness and apprise and train them of the coming endtimes, and what they will experience as they come. Not becoming maximally mature in Christ-likeness we will most likely forfeit knowing the greater depths of God’s Greatness and being used greatly by Him in eternity (or it may take much longer to accomplish?).

BEFORE HUMAN HISTORY: Satan (then called Lucifer) was on the earth, attempting to work all things together for his good. Doing so, he sinned and was sentenced to the Lake of Fire. With Satan protesting the sentence (saying he should be allowed to show God that he indeed also can work all things together for his good), God established human history (humans with lower abilities than the angels) for a period of six thousand years. He placed in books the names of those He knew would choose him (called the elect) and what God's works they would do. Satan was told that if he could prevent any one of the elect from believing and/or any one of the works from being accomplished, he would win the warfare and would not have to go the Lake of Fire. He then would show God that he also could work all things together for good. He could then rule angels and humans forever. This then established a spiritual warfare and goals for Satan over human history. In this warfare, Christ would follow the leading of God to have the elect believe and to accomplish God’s work. God uses the spiritual warfare as an environment to train His people to become Christians and then mature in Christ-likeness.

PERIODS OF HISTORY: The Old Testament history with the Gospel period was to establish rules for the spiritual warfare, for people to know they sin (and have need of a Savior), and to bring the Messiah. At Christ’s Ascension into heaven after the Cross, He is now sitting on David’s throne in heaven at the right hand of God the Father, and is in charge of the relationship Kingdom of God and ruling over all believers world wide. He has taken all who believed prior to the Cross to be with Him in heaven. The present New Testament Church period is to bring people to believe Christ's Gospel for salvation, gain maturity in Christ, and to go to heaven to be with God in eternity. Many Old Testament people were saved by believing in the coming Messiah. The Gospel, as being shared, is that Christ died on the Cross for the forgiveness of sins (satisfaction of God's Justice for sin), was buried, and rose bodily from the dead on the third day. We must be alert that throughout Biblical history, Satan established and influenced many religious systems and churches with false and incomplete doctrines to spiritually blind people so that they will not find the true Gospel in Christ to be saved. He gets them to walk and dwell on less important things than God’s best and major ministries to keep them away from significant accomplishment. It is so believers will not attain to maturity in Christ and the elect may not believe. There is no justification for sin (salvation in Christ's Cross -- the Gospel) in these other religions and wrong churches. They are systems based on human works and meeting human felt needs such as human love. Remaining in them without believing Christ's Gospel, one will go to the Lake of Fire in eternity.

SPIRITUAL WARFARE STRATEGY: Satan uses a technique in various ways to accomplish his goals to rule the world based on one of the elect not becoming the elect and/or one of God’s work not being accomplished. It is called the dialectic process. He uses a method to take things from where they are to where he wants them to be. In these endtimes, he is getting the churches to dumb down their education to establish an immature church with a low plateau of biblical knowledge. This is his method to take the churches from their orthodoxy and beliefs to the lukewarm and/or liberal unbelieving church so they sin. It is based on setting aside doctrine for the sake of relationships. It is reaching out to new people (including e.g. the unchurched) with priority over taking care of and maturing one’s own. This is so great ministry to reach the lost for salvation and do great ministry to become mature in Christ-likeness will not be accomplished. This is so great ministry to reach the lost and do great ministry will not be accomplished. The Bible speaks strongly against this. If one does not take care of their own, they are worse than an unbeliever. This action sinfully uses mainly the horizontal (relationships mainly between people) without the vertical (having God act with them). Then when Satan brings world government, the young people and youth, including in all the schools, will be satanically indoctrinated to accomplish Satan’s will and with their being dumbed down will not have the background education and ability to do critical analysis to determine what is happening. Most will go along with it. Through this process, Satan is attempting to change the world for his purposes, so he can win the spiritual warfare.

THE ENDTIMES: We are now (March 2015) in the precursors of Revelation's endtimes. God established a special sequence by which He is terminating history. This is a similar sequence with different details to the one that He used with Old Testament Israel. In this sequence, He uses a chosen favored nation (was Israel and is now the United States). When the favored nation generally obeys God, it gains great prosperity. God has greatly blessed the United States more than any nation in history, including more than national Israel. But when it greatly disobeys God, that is happening now in most of our American and other churches and it’s general population, God places the nation and world under divine discipline under world government. Currently, we are now under the precursors of world government. Its full force is yet to come with the Endtimes Tribulation, coming to bring divine discipline. The coming world government will make war against Christians, patriots, and other religions that oppose world government and it's religion. Many Christians and patriots will be martyred. Finding yourself under world government, be sure you have believed the Gospel and have been trained to walk and to stand strong by faith. Try to obey God as much as you can in order to gain more maturity in Christ and not fall away. This endtimes discipline period, Bible interpreters call Revelation's Tribulation. (The Pre-Tribulational Rapture View is founded only on assertions, no Bible doctrine. This view is not taught in the Bible. There are over 20 doctrines, as being presented, that teach unambiguously a Post-Tribulation Rapture. (See our web site report: Twenty Bible Doctrines Teach Unambiguously a Post-tribulation Rapture.))

After the Tribulation with world government, and after all people who are to live, have lived, and have made formal decisions to accept or deny the Gospel, the heavenly court sits in heaven. It examines the books and will determine that Christ has won the spiritual warfare over Satan. The Rapture can only occur after the Tribulation when it is shown at that time that our Lord has won the spiritual warfare over Satan. Christ wins the warfare because all the elect did believe and did accomplish all of God’s chosen work. Some of these occurred in the Mark-of-the-Beast Period. Upon this ruling, the court awards Christ the legal authority to Rapture His church and bring the resurrections and final judgments. Christ now comes again and delivers His people in the Rapture. During His Coming, He destroys the world government and in battles (Armageddon) kills the remaining people (they no longer can be saved) and brings the resurrections, judgments, and eternal states. Unbelievers in the Gospel will go eternally to the Lake of Fire. Then eternity begins. Where will you and I be? To what degree will we be mature in Christ-likeness?

THE SITUATION NOW WITH NATIONAL ISRAEL: Christ is now married to the Church. He can only have one wife at a time. So He is no longer married to national Israel. The Cross broke down the barrier between the Jew and Gentile where now all believers, both Jews and Gentiles, are part of the Church. God gave a writ of divorce to the Northern Kingdom of Israel (based on their refusal to repent after being under the rule of a world government) and then when Christ died on the Cross, this dissolved the marriage to the Southern Kingdom of Judah. So there are no future exclusive Jewish periods coming from God after the Cross. It was Satan that brought Israel back into her land in 1948 with Israel in complete apostasy -- no longer following God or the Bible. (God’s covenants to Israel, including the one to live in the land forever, are no longer active after the Cross.)

WATCHMAN WARNING: You and I are warned that current signs and conditions now signal (Spring 2015) most loudly a calamity with war and disease can come at any time to bring the endtimes Tribulation with its world government. Only God knows the timing. An example warning sign is that if the current NASA predicted signs of blood moons and blacked sun fulfill the sixth seal of Revelation 6:12, the Tribulation could begin before March 2015. (We can look for the events of the first five seals to happen.) Read this document:  Urgently Look for Soon Coming Prophesied Events That, Together with Current Secular Signs, Signal the Endtimes Tribulation Is Coming in “The next Few Months” - Be Ready. You and I are encouraged to prepare both spiritually and physically. But key is to “urgently” greatly mature our people, especially our children and youth, to become Christians and mature in Christ for now, these endtimes, but especially for eternity. Memorize Scripture and good hymns. When the Tribulation comes, as stated, the government will make war with the Church and our children and youth will be satanically indoctrinated. This is so the children as they become adults will follow Satan, not God. Many Christians and others will be martyred. Much real estate no doubt will be confiscated, and there will be a new financial system. Many other things will happen to influence and cause people to live without freedom and without the Gospel. In the Tribulation under its persecution, we must stand strong and obey God without falling away.

TRIBULATION TIME DURATION: The number of man is six. There were 2000 years from Adam to Abraham and 2000 years from Abraham to our Lord’s Crucifixion in AD 33. This leaves 2000 years to Christ’s Second Coming in 2033 (of course only God knows the precise timing). NASA predicts there will be blood moons and a black sun in that year. Scripture teaches that a blood moon and black sun will happen after the Tribulation in the coming Day of the Lord. If the Tribulation begins in the near term (2014 - 2015), it will last 18-19 years, not 7. (Daniel's 70th week was history at the time of the Cross. It does not represent the Endtimes Tribulation or its duration. Christ was crucified in the middle of the week.)

TOPICS FOR TEACHING AND TRAINING: In our view, the minimum training (academic and experiential) topics that should be urgently accomplished at all age levels using only an accurate Bible for Christian and Church living -- no paraphrased Bibles and nothing from the world or from people as a source -- includes: (1) Trust God, not self or church, to work all things together for good; (2) learn to live by elder and deacon requirements; (3) Use the hymns with dominant melody in worship; (4) Christian-Faith Doctrines; (6) Christian-Life Relationship Principles for knowing and glorifying God, living godly, building Godly families, walking by love and by faith, having personal devotions, accomplishing God's work, and helping the needy; and (6) God's Plan for History with the spiritual warfare and endtimes prophecy for how the endtimes are expected to unfold and what we will experience when they do. Having an appreciation for The infinite Greatness of God with His Attributes (including that He has always existed without having a beginning and will have no end) should be presented throughout. (He works with billions of people at the same time, knows everything that can be known, and is everywhere simultaneously.) These topics are on our web site.


Our Churches Should Now with “Extreme Urgency”:

  1. Establish a complete curriculum from the whole Bible consisting of a description all that God want us to become and for all the steps we must live out experientially (version of God’s Whole Counsel) to gain this outcome. Use expository in depth-breadth verse by verse preaching. Train how to live out the living-life principles with many examples and testimony, living in Christ-likeness. Give a copy of the curriculum to the church people so they can also study on their own to gain maturity in Christ. The training should include how to walk by very strong faith and love. Seminars also can be used.
  2. Maintain or start a hymn church service, singing melody from the heart unto the Lord and work with groups to encourage them to come into the hymn service and out of the contemporary music service; Can use several choirs;
  3. Go “all out” to evangelize the children (including working with CEF) and adults out in the local community;
  4. Train their people with Bible prophecy (with Post Trib Rapture view) and what they will experience in the endtimes and what they should urgently do now to prepare; and
  5. Place all our church people, who live near each other, into small home groups, each under a good leader. Have them put in living-life provisions to last six months or longer.


  1. The Pattern View of Prophecy: The Many Doctrines of Prophecy Show Clearly the Rapture Will Come Post-tribulational and the 1000 Years as a Day During Christ's Second Coming
  2. Understanding the Endtimes Biblical Jewish Situation and What We Must Do Now As the Endtimes Unfold
  3. God's Plan over History for Man to Become Mature in Christ Needed to Eternally Know and Relate to Our Perfect God in His Greatness
  4. Keys to Becoming Maximally Experientially Mature in Christ-likeness In Godly Relationship Living (Needed for Now and in Eternity to Know and to Relate to Our Perfect God Toward His Fullness in Depth-Breadth)
  5. Summary Report: Interpretation Errors That Wrongly Help Establish the Wrong Pre-tribulation Rapture View
  6. Evidences Signal the Endtimes Tribulation is "soon" coming


  1. High Priority Reading for Church Leaders (all Christians):  God’s Biblical Plan for Us Now to Gain a High-skill Spiritual Maturity in Christ-likeness for Us to Have an Eternal Wonderful Relationship with Him   We are here to first become a Christian and then very importantly to gain a high skill experiential spiritual maturity in Christ-likeness so that we can have a maximum relationship with God in all eternity. This document presents God's procedure for gaining this maturity and how many churches today are falling away unknowingly from God's best in spiritual warfare. (5-7-2014 12 pages)
  2. CHURCH AND FAMILY LEADERS:  Give a "PPT" presentation (45 charts) to your Church people of the Over-all Big Picture: (1) endtimes prophecy with how the endtimes are now unfolding (we will go through the soon-coming endtimes Tribulation); (2) becoming mature in Christ; and (3) what our churches must "urgently" do now to evangelize, mature our people, and prepare for the soon-coming endtimes. (KNOW AND UNDERSTAND THE BIG PICTURE Determining How Revelation's Endtimes Unfold (Endtimes Prophecy) Leading To What Our Churches Should "Urgently" Do Now)   (PDF)   (Updated 9-29-11)
  3. Must read by church and family heads:  Aspects and Strategies in the Spiritual Warfare Between Christ and Satan Used to Gain Spiritual Maturity in Christ-likeness and to Terminate History - Our Churches Must Implement God's Requirements and Avoid Implementing Satan's Strategies


(Send us data you may have including insights from Revelation.)
(We must make preparations to the degree we can know before they happen.)
(When these or similar things happen, we can know we are in the Tribulation.)

When the Calamity comes bringing in the Endtimes Tribulation (the US government is working toward this now to bring world government, as precursors, to bring world socialism ruled by the rich), much of the following may most likely happen over time and be expected (Many details are not in the Bible and we are not sure of all the events): (1) the stock market will crash from the extreme debt; (2) the infra-structure will break down preventing food and goods getting to the market place for a time and there can be government generated viruses that will kill people to reduce the population; (3) electrical magnetic bombs (EMB) from drones (or from sun spots) may knock out all transistor (semi-conductor chips) operation in some areas (permanently causing no electricity, no telephones, no computer operation, no lighting, no TV, no gasoline pumping, no cars can operate, etc.); (4) we will have much difficulty getting gasoline; (5) Russian and Chinese missiles from submarines and aircraft carriers, they have now, may nuclear bomb selected cities and areas and there will be chaos everywhere with people going door to door looking for food and other needs of life; (6) severe happenings will come, government will place us under martial law, implementing many executive orders now in place and then place us under world government - we are now in the endtimes Tribulation; (7) Russia and China may very likely help rule the endtimes world under Satan’s chosen leader, very likely ruling from Jerusalem. (8) There will come a new world religion (belong to or be persecuted such as in the Mark-of-the-Beast Period) and a new currency (real or computer); (9)  Severe persecution and martyrdom especially to Christians and church people will come - Revelation teaches many will die in the Tribulation and there will be earthquakes, with jailing and martyrdom - everyone most probably will have to work to maintain and have a living; The Bible infers that very few Christians will be alive at Christ’s Second Coming; (10) There will be many wars, great disease, lack of food, and many will die; (11) Then our church people will have trouble attending church (the government and the lack of giving will close our church doors) and essentially most funds to churches, and also to older and retired people, will cease. The government will make war against seniors and take out the middle class. The rich want to rule the poor. Satan will do all he can to rule and especially to prevent the elect from believing and accomplishing God’s work. He wants to demonstrate to God that he also can work all things together for his good. He will fail.


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