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Training to Become Mature in Christ

Become a Christian and train to gain maximum maturity in Christ-likeness needed to know and relate to God toward His fullest now, but especially in eternity, be in ministry, and have God's best in our churches with excellence.


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Learn and practice the principles that help us become more mature in Christ so that we can know and relate to God toward His fullest, fellowship with Him and each other, live holy lives, and live without sin as God works alll things together for good in our lives.

Read the shorter reports on line or download. Download the detailed reports in PDF. They generally are too long to be read on line.

Seek God's Best and Greatness: Pursue Spiritual Maturity in Christ-Likeness as God Commands With Excellence and Great Commitment. This document presents that God commands us to pursue maturity in Christ-likeness, how to do so, and the penalties for not doing so. Mature high-skill spiritual ability in Christ-likeness in relationship living is needed to know and relate to our perfect God in His depth-breadth in eternity. It is needed to live by His holiness and righteousness by faith and sacrificial love. It is needed to have a close fellowship with Him and each other. It presents that many of our churches are falling away from this commanded pursuit. (18 pages.) Three-page summary

Walking by Faith through Love; Producing Good Works (3 pages)

Train your people with these ppt charts (slides): Christian-Life Relationship Principles: (141 charts). Slide Presentation charts that help us to become mature in Christ, walk with God, have good marriages, walk by faith, go through trials and testings, have good prayer, and do witnessing. Same presentation in parts: Part One: Introduction (19 charts), Part Two: Maturity in Christ (22 charts); Part Three: Head-Subordinate Christian Relationships (walk with God and for marriages) (59 charts); and Part Four: How to Walk by Faith, Testings, Prayer, and Witnessing (66 charts). All the charts above are in pdf format. They are also available in PowerPoint format: Christian-Life Relationship Principles, Part One, Part Two, Part Three, and Part Four.

Overview Reports

Please read “first,” the “must read” document described at the top under “What’s New” that summarizes this web site and gives us Today’s “Must Know” Big Picture Topics with instructions for what we must “urgently” do now.   Title: The Endtimes Biblical Big Picture “We All Must Know and Act Upon,” As a “Must-know” Message to Church and Family Leaders. (Dated 9-3-12)  Document (26 pages);  Summary (8 pages);  Contents (1 page).

Two summary documents present that the maturity we have in Christ-likeness at death we most likely will have forever. Thus our churches should work to maximally mature their people: (1) Summary of Items We Must Grasp and Thoroughly Understand for Why We Are Now on the Earth to Gain Maximum Maturity in Christ-likeness (4 pages; dated 2-14-12); and (2) Summary: The Skill Level of Our Spiritual Maturities We Have at Death, We Will Have Forever (8 pages; dated 2-14-12).

Implementing Mature Living Principles

BEGIN HERE:  Train to Become Mature in Christ-Likeness:  Read and Study: The Beginning Pathway to Gain Maximum Maturity in Christ-likeness in Order to Relate Maximumly to God in Eternity (Gaining this Maturity Is Why We Are Here.)   (7-8-2013 4 pages)

NOTE: In order to become maximally mature in Christ-likeness, it helps to have a description of a biblically mature person (OUTCOME:) and of the steps one must live out experientially to become mature (PROCEDURE:). Both are below.

OUTCOME Must read by all Christians especially church and family readers. Document updated 12-8-2011. Overview Summary Document: Signs, Characteristics, Beliefs, and Practices of Being or Becoming Highly Mature in Christ-likeness (Needed for Now and in Eternity to Know and to Relate to Our Perfect God Toward His Fullness in His Depth-Breadth) (22 pages)

PROCEDURE Must Reading by All Christians. Document updated 1-2-2015. Keys to Becoming Maximally Experientially Mature in Christ-likeness In Godly Relationship Living. (Needed for Now and in Eternity to Know and to Relate to Our Perfect God Toward His Fullness in Depth-Breadth.) This document gives us insights for how we become mature in a high-skill spiritual ability in Christ-likeness, how we live it out, and the importance of becoming mature, both for now and especially in eternity. Becoming mature in Christ is the reason we are here. There is nothing else apart from relating to God with maximum maturity. Being mature we can more greatly know and relate to God, living perfect lives according to His attributes, laws, and character qualities. It is so we can have close fellowship with Him and each other. Signs or characteristics of being mature are presented. This is more than Christian growth. IT IS MUST READING IF YOU DESIRE GOD'S BEST. (two parts, 40 pages)

Must See Video Presentation of John Stephenson: Christian-Life Principles:  A top down approach that shows how God wants us live experientially to become maximumly mature in Christ-likeness needed for now and especially in eternity (10 Minutes, March 2011).

Training Material for Church Leaders

Four Urgent Priority Recommendations to be Implemented in our Churches in Preparation for Eternity and Going Through the Soon-coming Endtimes Maximally mature our people in Christ-likeness in preparation for eternity; Train our people with Bible Prophecy so they will now how the endtimes will unfold and be prepared for their very soon coming; Evangelize and Disciple the children in the community to maturity with urgency; and Be sure we are using God honoring music in the church services and in the Sunday School. The document contains the: (1) recommendations; (2) the benefits of doing so; (3) the cost of implementing; and (4) the penalties for not doing so. (6 pages)

Must Read by All Christian Pastors, Teachers, and Family Heads: Church Leadership Guide: Training Methods to Have God's Best This document presents principles for how we gain God's best in our churches, families, and lives. These principles should be implemented if we want God's best. (10 pages)

Must Read by All Christians: Summary of the Bible's Teachings on Salvation and Why We are Here This document presents in summary many-many aspects that deal with salvation, eternal security, and why we are here. It references documents that should be read and studied. (17 pages)

Must Read by Church Leaders for Help in These Endtimes: Pathway and Keys to Choosing a Church Pastor (and Operating a Local Church) (Or a Teaching Elder) This report presents the needed ministries in our churches and the qualifications for good pastors. It is designed especially for these endtimes. (7 pages)

Must Read By All Young People and Those Who Train Young People: Keys That Help Determine God's Best Plan for Life Under God, Especially for Young People Starting Out (3 pages)

Gaining Salvation and Christian Living

God's Attributes Learn of God's Greatness by studying His attributes. (2 pages) and supporting charts.

How to Become a Christian This report gives the Scriptures and procedure for becoming a Christian when you sense God is working in you, drawing you to Himself. It also presents good things to do after becoming a Christian. It presents some detail of what happened to Christ on the cross. (8 pages)

Listen for How to Become a Christian This is a most helpful audio reading by Mary Stephenson of our salvation booklet: God is Reaching Out to You. It provides good understanding for what to know, believe, and do to become a Christian. It is also a good review for Christians. (60 Minutes MP3)

Next Steps Soon After Becoming a Christian This document presents steps that can help us gain rapid spiritual growth in our Christian life after we become a Christian. (3 pages)

Helpful Hints for Successful Living From Your Dad This document gives good guidance to teenagers (or any age) as they are growing up. I gave this document to each of my children in their early teens. You might do the same. (11 pages)

Eternal Security This report teaches why we, as believers in Christ, have eternal security such that God guarantees that we, as true believers, will be with Him in heaven. (11 pages)

Promises to Memorize and Claim for an Enhanced Walk with Our God in Godly Relationship Living (Needed for Now and in Eternity to Know and to Relate to Our Perfect God Toward His Fullness in Depth-Breadth) (9-30-2011; 5 pages, NASB Used)

Living by God's Righteousness This detailed report is for personal devotions. It gives: (1) Psalms with which to praise God; (2) many promises to memorize and to trust God to accomplish and for us to live without sin; (3) many commandments to read to demonstrate our love for God; (4) the principles of living by love; (5) the character requirements for Church leadership; (6) the attributes of God; (7) and prayer principles. (31 pages)

Christian-Faith Doctrines (my view). This document is written in the form of an expanded doctrinal statement. It presents truths we should understand and believe. (17 pages)

Helpful Document for Those Working with Children: Helpful Ingredients for Leading Children to Christ    (3 pages)

Fun things for the Christian life

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