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Know God and Go to Heaven

Become a Christian and Begin a Walk with God

BENEFITS: We can know God and have a personal relationship with Him both now and especially in eternity. We can go to heaven after our death to be with Him in eternity. We know that He exists through His creative powers of people, the earth, and the universe. He has revealed Himself in His Holy Bible. Knowing and becoming part of God's Plan begins with our reading the Bible. We must realize we are born sinners (spiritual law breakers) and are separated from God. God's holiness requires His Justice to be satisfied for our sin. God in His great love for us, in Christ on the Cross, satisfied HIs Justice for our sin on our behalf. This allows us to know God and go to heaven. But we must personally receive by faith what Christ did this for us on the Cross according to only the Holy Bible. The negative part is that is we do not receive what Christ did on the Cross, God, by His Holiness, must satisfy His Justice for sin in another way. This is by sending us after death to an eternal prison, the Bible calls the Lake of Fire. We need to avoid this.

After becoming a Christian, God wants us to walk with Him, grow in Christ-likeness, and gain spiritual maturity so that we can know and relate to Him in a close fellowship in His fulness. This is true for now on the earth, but especially when we are in eternity. He wants us to live in His holiness and righteousness. He wants us to live by love serving each other, help accomplish His work, and by faith trusting Him to act in our lives and use us in ministry. This happens when we see His Greatness and allow Him to work all things together for good in our lives. Thus, direction for life must come from Him. We should expect this for He is a most perfect and complete God in all aspects. We can begin our trek with God by reading the documents listed below and the Gospel of Mark and the first eight chapters of the book of Romans. Both are in the New Testament.

We gain the greatest growth after we appreciate God's Greatness. When we do, we will begin to live by His ways and abandon our own. The major reason we have sin in the world is that man uses and trusts his extreme spiritual poverty to guide his life instead trusting in God and His Greatness.

Available Reports

Attributes of God This document describes what God is like in His absolute perfection. His description clearly tells us that becoming a Christian, gaining a mature walk with God, and letting Him direct our lives is all there is.

Becoming a Christian This document presents the Scriptures and procedure for faith and action as God works in us for how we become Christians so we can go to heaven and be with God after death forever. We must believe by faith that Christ died on the Cross to satisfy God's Justice for sin taking our punishment upon Himself. This is only according to the Scriptures in the Holy Bible - God's only authority. We are to activate our faith in Christ's death on the Cross. We do this such as by a prayer to God that we believe Christ's death on the Cross for sin and in His burial and bodily resurrection from the dead. When we do this, God removes His condemnation for sin from us. God changes us so we have insight to follow and obey Him in a more intimate way. We are now on the pathway to know and relate to God in a most personal way He will now take us to heaven to be with Him after our death. The document also presents the penalty for not believing that Christ died on the Cross for sin. We will go to the Lake of Fire after death as a prison. This is an eternal separation from God.

My Personal Testimony on Becoming a Christian Read my personal testimony for how I (John Stephenson) became a Christian. It gives understanding for how God works in us to bring and draw us to Himself. You might find yourself in some of the aspects. It presents the four commitments I made to follow God after becoming a Christian. You might also want to make them.

First Steps This document gives guidance for what we should do after we become Christians. It is most helpful if we want the best of God. It give guidance for attending Church, reading the Bible, praying, being in fellowship groups with others, how to study, help accomplish God's work, and some other good things to do. It encourages us to have excellence before God.

Living by God's Righteousness This document gives basic principles and characteristics that must be in our lives for us to have God's best. One can read several pages each day. This is what I do.

A Father's Guide to His Children This document is the guidance I gave my children in their early teens for how they should live their lives under God. The guidance is for a good beginning to have God's best in their lives and avoid sin and wasting their lives. This guidance equally applies to adults.

Christian-Faith Doctrinal Beliefs Read the brief doctrinal statement of Christian beliefs and look up and read all the Scriptures dealing with each separate doctrine. This will help you establish and stabilize your new Christian life.

After reading the above reports, one can begin to read the other reports on the web site under TRAINING. These take us much further with God.

One should read the document God and His Greatness Must Be Central to learn that God plans that we become mature in Christ to know Him. It presents how history unfolds to bring us to this maturity in Christ.

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