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Bible Reading, Bible Teaching, and Churches

Read the Bible on line in different translations and languages
Sovereign Grace Baptist Church - Conservative Preaching
Valley Church - Sermons on Line
Library of Lambert Dolphin with Dr. Ray Steadmen's Teachings
Grace to You - Ministry of John Mac Arthur
John MacArthur's Sermons
Conservative Baptist Church

Current Events, Endtimes, and Prophecy

Radio Liberty - Stan Monteith - Discussion of World Issues
Berrit Kjos Ministries - Discussion of Important Current Topics

Endtimes and Preparedness

World Affairs Brief - Future Preparations - Joel Skousen

Trends of the Times

George Barna Research

Buying Christian Books; Book Store

Purchase Christian Books at a Discount

Getting Well from Difficult Health Problems such as Cancer

Videos by Dr. Lorraine Day on Curing Cancer
Health Program of Dr. George Malkmus

Satanic Strategy and the Churches

Dean Gotcher - article - DIAPRAX and the End of the Ages page counter