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We Must Believe That Christ Died on the Cross to Satisfy God's Justice for Sin in Order to God to Heaven for Eternity. We have all sinned (broken God's laws). We must believe only from the Bible that Christ on the Cross satisfied God's Justice for sin and activate our faith with a prayer we believe.

Immediate Action Needed to Evangelize the Children in Our Communities. We must urgently evangelize and disciple the children in our communities "before" the soon-coming Calamity and Tribulation. Work with CEF to establish tens of after-school Bible clubs. 85% of the people coming to Christ do so as children. Doing this evangelism helps to have children when becoming adults do ministry. This evangelization will not be allowed when the Tribulation comes. The government then will train the children for world religion and world government.

We Should Appreciate and Live by God's Absolute and Infinite Greatness. Only God is perfect and we are created beings. It is only possible to have the best in life if we live by only what comes from God as a source. Then we will have fruitful lives and gain great maturity in Christ-Likeness to relate to and know God now but especially in eternity. Apart from His Greatness, there is nothing.

Immediately Warn, Alert, and Prepare Your People for the Soon-Coming Endtimes Tribulation. Over 30 doctrines teach the Rapture will come after the Tribulation at Christ's Second Coming. Signs now loudly signal the time left before the Calamity and Endtimes Tribulation come can be very short. Only God knows the timing. We must urgently warn, alert, and prepare our people before these events come (even if we warn a few years early), or they can be blind-sided and unprepared. We must not let the latter happen.

Revelation's Endtimes Sequence and How the United States is Found Indirectly in Endtimes Bible Prophecy The events of Revelation unfold in a similar sequence as events happened to Old Testament Israel. By studying what happened to Israel, we can know what will happen in Revelation. Israel was a most favored nation to God in her sequences. The United States is God's most favored nation in Revelation's sequences. She is found indirectly in Scripture as her characteristics match those of Israel in her sequences.

Elements Needed for Successful Training to Walk by Faith and Love God wants us to train to walk with Him. That includes by faith and by love. To train, we must share what to do, how to do it, examples for how to do it, testimony for how we did it, and then some method for on-the-job training.

We Should Train Our People to Gain a Maximum Maturity in Christ-likeness (Outcome), by Discipling Them for Maximum Christian Growth (Procedure) Our Church training is to be outcome oriented to bring her people to a maximum maturity in Christ-likeness, and also procedure oriented to know how to train (disciple) to accomplish this result.

Our Churches are Becoming Immature with Limited Training and the Use of Rock Music, Not Being Readied for Revelation's Endtimes and Eternity Our churches are being transformed to become the immature church with a loss of biblical intellect and having a low plateau of biblical knowledge. This is happening by using limited Bible training, and secular rock music to draw the youth. Our people are not being adequately prepared for the soon-coming endtimes and eternity.

Approach Churches Must Take Now That the Endtimes are Soon Coming Churches must take steps now to mature their people in Christ, evangelize the children in the community, and remove rock music from the church to the degree they can. They must warn and prepare their people for the soon-coming endtimes with supplies and knowledge for how the endtimes will unfold. They must train their people to walk by very strong faith.

Israel's Purpose and What the Cross Accomplished Regarding Israel's Future in God's Entimes Plan The nation Israel had great purposes to Christ's Crucifixion. At His ascension, Christ established the Kingdom of God as a relationship kingdom to bring both Jew and Gentile believers to maturity in Christ for a deep relationship with God in eternity. Both believing Jews and Gentiles now are one in Christ, are the Church and Christ's body.

What Will Soon Happen and Why from both Secular and Biblical Perspectives Things are happening due to a spiritual warfare between Christ and Satan under the overview of the endtimes sequence.

Living by God's Righteousness We are to live holy by living by God's righteousness and by doing only what comes from Him as a source in thought and in action. Then we live as Christ walks, and we become mature in Him with fellowship and unity with Christ and God the Father. Then we have fellowship with each other. We become prepared for eternity.

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