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WEBSITE PURPOSE Our purpose is to present God's Plan and Main Purpose for us as He has revealed them in His Holy Bible to help us know and relate to God toward His perfection. It is to help us gain the mature spiritual maturity in Christ-likeness that allows us to live under God's direction in all aspects of life. We are to live in His holiness and His righteousness by faith and sacrificial love in close intimate fellowship with Him and each other now, in the endtimes, and especially throughout eternity. God's Plan for history and becoming mature in Christ including how the endtimes unfold, we are calling the Biblical Worldview.

I cannot say this strongly enough. We must become Christians to go to heaven. But we also most importantly need to become mature in high-skill spiritual ability in Christ-likeness in relationship living to know and relate to God toward His fulness in eternity. There is nothing else. Not to pursue and train to become spiritual mature is spiritual folly. None of us know enough. But we can begin our training with commitment working with excellence with what we know in the Bible, seek inputs from others, and pray for more insights. We can help each other. None of are where we should be, ought to be, and can be. Many Church leaders believe this, but they have no plan and curriculum in place to make it happen. They, in these endtimes, are instead wrongly dumbing down.

To help accomplish this result, this website is organized to present understanding and training to know: (1) God's Plan that we gain mature spiritual maturity to know and relate to Him (worship, glorify, and obey God, live godly, and accomplish God's work); (2) what is (biblical) maturity; (3) helps for how we gain it (sharing what we know); (4) God's Plan for how biblical history unfolds; (5) the many doctrines that show how the endtimes unfold (including the errors that interpreters make); (6) the Christian-Faith Doctrines; and (7) how to be prepared for going through the endtimes. We need this maturity for God to direct our lives so that we can learn, experience, and fellowship with God in His Greatness and Glory.

If this web site has encouraged and helped you pursue and train to become spiritually mature in Christ-likeness with commitment and excellence so that you can more fully know and relate to God, we will have been successful.

Website Design and Recommended Reading Sequence


Please read first the BASIC UNDERSTANDING AND BACKGROUND for first-level understanding and orientation presented next. Then go to the WEB SITE CATEGORIES AND DETAILED DOCUMENTATION presented afterward. The categories provide the detail documentation and comprehensive understanding - the main information on the web site.

Basic Understanding and Background

GAINING GOD'S JUSTIFICATION FOR SIN TO GO TO HEAVEN: Please read the following document, as God works in you, to learn how to believe the Gospel and be saved in order to go to heaven: How to Become a Christian

LIFETIME AND ETERNITY: God planned this lifetime in the environment of testings and temptations amidst spiritual warfare between Christ and Satan for us to gain a mature spiritual ability in Christ-likeness in relationship living. This is so that we have the spiritual ability to know and to relate to Him toward His fullness as He directs every aspect of our lives. It is so we can live perfect lives in His holiness and righteousness by faith and sacrificial love in close fellowship with Him and each other for all eternity. We then can glorify and enjoy Him forever. God wants us to live perfect lives in His Glory and Greatness. Doing this, all our thoughts and actions will come from God as a source. In the eternal perspective, there is nothing else.

SPIRITUAL MATURITY: Our spiritual maturity can only be measured by God. The more mature we may think we are, most likely shows we are less mature that we believe we are. We must live by faith to have God act on our behalf according to His promises, live without sin, and receive revelation from God. We must live by sacrificial love, keeping God's commandments and instructions, To live holy and righteously, and know God's heart. The degree of our maturity is how we respond to God in all of life in comparison to how Christ, being perfect, would respond if he were to act in our place. Our Lord is our only role model. (The magnitude of God's directed actions for us may depend upon the level of maturity we may have at the time.)

OUR SITUATION: We, after the Garden of Eden, are born with depraved natures that sin, do not seek after God, and have no ability to become mature in Christ. We are born in Satan's Dominion under God's condemnation to spend eternity in the Lake of Fire away from God. This is God's way to satisfy His justice for our sin. Christ, being God's Son, lived a perfect life on earth without sin. Thus, fulfilling (obeying) God's law, He qualified to die on the Cross to satisfy God's Justice for sin on our behalf. This satisfied justice is applied to us if we believe and receive it by faith by what is written only in the Holy Bible and activating our faith personally by prayer as God works in us. Then, God, applying His satisfied Justice to us, transfers us into His Kingdom, removes His condemnation from us, and gives us a divine nature that allows us to pursue maturity in Christ under His leading. We now will go to heaven to be eternally with God. We have eternal security with God in Christ. As believers from all of history, we are one in Christ without ethnic division. We are the Church and single Body of Christ. The Church are those, that having believed in Christ's Cross, have been transferred from Satan's Dominion into God's Kingdom.

THE MAJOR ISSUE: The major issue is who works all things together for good. Only our perfect God can do so in reality and without sin. When we attempt to do so we sin. We wrongly act like the Most High God. Gaining maturity, we will trust God, not ourselves, to work all things together for good where all our thoughts and actions come from Him. This is how our Lord Jesus Christ lives. Appreciating God's Greatness, we will search the Scriptures for all of His directions for our lives. We will do only these, and with excellence and commitment.

GAINING GOD'S JUSTIFICATION FOR SIN TO GO TO HEAVEN: Please read the following document, as God works in you, to learn now to be believe the Gospel and be saved in order to go to heaven: God Is Reaching out to You to Become a Christian: How to Become a Christian.

FORFEITURE: As unbelievers, we must thoroughly understand if we do not receive and believe the Gospel of Christ, we will not gain spiritual maturity in Christ. We will not go to be with God eternally in heaven after our death. We will go to the Lake of Fire forever. As Christians, if we do not pursue and gain mature high-skill spiritual ability in Christ-likeness, we may know less of God in eternity. It is the responsibility of family and Church leadership under God's command to train their people to become mature in Christ.

PERIODS OF HISTORY: The Old Testament history was to establish rules for the spiritual warfare and to bring the Messiah. The present New Testament period is to bring the remaining people who are to live to believe Christ's Gospel for salvation in order to gain maturity in Christ and to go to heaven to be with God in eternity. Many Old Testament people were saved by believing in the coming Messiah. The Gospel is that Christ died on the Cross for the forgiveness of sins (satisfaction of God's Justice for sin), was buried, and rose bodily from the dead on the third day. Be alert that through history, Satan established and influenced many religious systems and churches with false and incomplete doctrines to bind people so that they will not find the true Gospel in Christ to be saved. He gets them to dwell on less important things to keep them away from significant accomplishment. It is so believers will not attain to maturity in Christ. There is no justification for sin in these other religions and most churches. They are systems based on human works and meeting human needs such as human love. Remaining in them without believing Christ's Gospel, one will go to the Lake of Fire in eternity. One main wrong endtimes church is the world-wide Church Growth Movement that is bringing a human oriented church minus God's Plan for salvation, doing evangelism, and maturity in Christ. The movement is leading to an immature church without biblical intellect and with a very low plateau of biblical knowledge and understanding. It is an apostate movement helping to bring the endtimes Tribulation and world government over which he and his man will rule.

SPIRITUAL WARFARE STRATEGY: Satan uses a technique in various ways to accomplish his goals. It is called the dialectic process. He uses a method to take things from where they are to where he wants them to be. In these endtimes, he is getting the churches to dumb down their education to establish an immature church with a low plateau of biblical knowledge. The public schools are dumbing down also with indoctrination where the young people will not pursue the Gospel. This is his method to take the churches from their orthodoxy and beliefs to the liberal unbelieving church. It is based on setting aside doctrine for the sake of relationships. This action sinfully uses the horizontal without the vertical. Then when he brings world government, the young people and youth will be satanically indoctrinated and with their being dumbed down will not have the background education and ability to do critical analysis to determine what is happening. Most will go along with it. Through this process, Satan is attempting to change the world for his purposes.

THE ENDTIMES: We are now in Revelation's endtimes. God established a special sequence by which He is terminating history. This is a similar sequence to the one that He used with Old Testament Israel. In this sequence, He uses a chosen favored nation (was Israel and is now the United States). When the favored nation generally obeys God, it gains great prosperity. But when it greatly disobeys God, that is happening now in most of our American and other churches and it general population, God places the nation and world under divine discipline under world government (e.g. New World Order). Currently, we are under the precursors of world government. Its full force is yet to come with the Tribulation. The coming world government will make war against Christians, patriots, and other religions that oppose world government and it's religion. Many Christians and patriots will be martyred. Finding yourself under world government, be sure you have believed the Gospel. Try to obey God as much as you can in order to gain more maturity in Christ. This endtimes discipline period, Bible interpreters call Revelation's Tribulation. After the Tribulation with world government, and after all people who are to live, have lived, and have made formal decisions to accept or deny the Gospel, the court sits in heaven. It examines the books and determines that Christ has won the spiritual warfare over Satan. Upon this ruling, the court awards Christ the authority to Rapture the church and bring the resurrections and final judgments. Christ now comes again and delivers His people in the Rapture. During His Coming, He destroys the world government and kills the remaining people (they no longer can be saved) and brings the resurrections, judgments, and eternal states. Then eternity begins. Where will you be? Will you be mature in Christ-likeness? Will I?

WATCHMAN WARNING: You are warned that current signs and conditions now signal a calamity can come at any time to bring the endtimes Tribulation with its world government. You are encouraged to prepare both spiritually and physically. But key is to urgently mature your people, especially your children and youth, to become mature in Christ for now, these endtimes, but especially for eternity. Memorize Scripture and good hymns. When the Tribulation comes, as stated, the government will make war with the Church and your children and youth will be satanically indoctrinated. Many Christians and others will be martyred. Real estate will be confiscated, and there will be a new financial system. Many other things will happen to influence people to live in harmony without freedom and without the Gospel.

TOPICS FOR TEACHING AND TRAINING: In our view, the minimum training that should be urgently accomplished at all age levels is: (1) Christian-Faith Doctrines; (2) Christian-Life Relationship Principles for glorifying God, living godly, and accomplishing God's work; and (3) God's Plan for History with the spiritual warfare and endtimes prophecy for how the endtimes are expected to unfold. These topics in some manner are or will be on our web site.

Website Categories and Detailed Documentation

The following categories have the web site documentation. We encourage you to read the Biblical Worldview documents first because they show that God's major plan is for us to become mature in Christ, what items compose spiritual maturity, and how the events of history lead to us having this maturity for the sake of eternity. Then read the prophecy and training documents in that or a chosen order.

God's Plan (Biblical Worldview): Documents present both God's Plan to become mature in Christ, what maturity is, and how history unfolds to bring us to maturity in Christ. It shows that God and His Greatness must be central to our lives. The document presents need-to-know information to have God's best for eternity. Documents show the endtimes trends for how the Church and world are now falling away to help bring the endtimes Tribulation and what we should do now. You and your Church may be involved. These documents are must reading in order to know and align ourselves to God's Plan for now, the endtimes, and especially for eternity. Otherwise one might forfeit salvation to go to heaven and/or having the desired and God planed maturity to know and relate to Him toward His fullest in eternity.

Endtimes Prophecy: Documents, with a careful development from Scripture, show that the Rapture will come after the endtimes Tribulation at Christ's Second Coming and why. They present that Revelation's events unfold in a special sequence that God uses to end history. They show how the United States is indirectly found in the Bible. The details and doctrines related to Bible Prophecy are presented so we can know how the endtimes unfold. The many views of prophecy held by Christians are presented with what we believe are the correct and incorrect tenets. There are many errors in many of the established views of Bible prophecy. The view presented on this web site is founded on the integration over 40 biblical doctrines. Specific doctrines such as Daniel's seventy weeks, the Olivet Discourse, and how Revelation unfolds are presented. These documents present need-to-know information for the understanding for how the endtimes unfold and what we should do now to prepare. Your children and youth should be spiritual matured and endtimes briefed before the calamity comes that brings the endtimes Tribulation. Signs now signal, it may come at any time. Do not be caught blind sided. It will come suddenly without warning, like a sudden whirlwind. When it comes, there will be not time to prepare. Only God knows the timing.

Training That Helps Us Become Mature in Christ: Documents provide training helps for us to become mature in Christ in preparation for now, the endtimes, and eternity. We become mature in Christ by training in depth-breadth, both academically and practically, to: (1) worship, glorify, and obey God; (2) live godly in head-subordinate relationships by faith and sacrificial love patterned after Christ's walk with the Father; (3) help accomplish God's work of evangelizing total comminutes, discipling believers to maturity, building godly families, and reaching out to the needy. There are helps to know the basic Christian-Faith Doctrines. This section presents information for how to prepare for the coming endtimes. They also present how one becomes a Christian. Suggestions are given for what to do when we are in the endtimes Tribulation. (Warning - if we are not obeying God, He may not allow us to become mature in Christ - the spiritual laws work against us.) God's Plan and Endtimes Prophecy can be learned by reading documents in the other web site categories.

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