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Biblical Training

God's Plan, Endtimes Prophecy, and Christian Maturity

PREPARE FOR THE ENDTIMES TRIBULATION: Signs and conditions now signal and warn that Revelation's Endtimes Tribulation can come SUDDENLY at any time without warning. Composite Bible doctrines TEACH CLEARLY we will go through the Tribulation and be raptured afterward at Christ's Second Coming. The doctrines also show how the United states is being used in endtimes prophecy. Ensure your church and families are spiritually (and provisionally) prepared for now, the coming endtimes, and especially eternity.

GAIN CHRISTIAN MATURITY: Being a Christian, pursue the higher skill levels of spiritual ability in Christ-likeness in relationship living with great commitment before death. The Bible commands us to pursue this spiritual maturity. This is needed to know, relate to, and fellowship with our perfect God without sin in holiness and righteousness toward His depth in eternity. APART FROM THIS RELATIONSHIP, THERE IS NOTHING. THE BIBLE IMPLIES OUR SPIRITUAL ABILITY CAN BE FIXED FOREVER AT DEATH.

TRAIN TO LIVE AS CHRIST WALKED: God has planned that as Christians we train to live as Christ walked becoming mature in Christ in relationship living with everything for life coming from God the Father. We are to live by faith and sacrificial love in God's holiness and righteousness so that He works everything for good in our lives. We are to reach out and help the needy with the Gospel, building godly families, training to live holy, and with the needs of life. We are especially to train our children and youth to walk by strong faith in God to guide and lead us in all aspects of life, including in the difficult endtimes.

BECOME A CHRISTIAN TO GO TO HEAVEN: Believe that Christ died on the Cross satisfying God's justice for your sin, was buried, and rose bodily from the dead on the third day, ONLY ACCORDING TO THE HOLY BIBLE. Pray to God, as He is working in you, that you so believe, activating your faith. Otherwise God will place you eternally in the Lake of Fire as another way for Him to satisfy His justice for your sin.


Selected Documents to Gain the Overall Picture

There are many items and teachings to discover and integrate to learn the Big Picture of the Bible. This can take time. This web site brings these teachings in the documents presented below and under the several main headings (e.g. Training, Prophecy, What's New, and God's Plan).

(Prepare for the Soon-Coming Endtimes (With the Tribulation and Rapture), Know Today's Israel Situation, and Gain Maximum Maturity in Christ-likeness for a Close Walk With God in Eternity)

Read the latest at the top under What's New first for the Biblical big picture summary.

Read Four Documents to Gain an Overall Comprehension in Overview for God's Plan for Man and History:

ONE PAGE SUMMARIES OF WEBSITE MAIN TEACHINGS (After reading the summaries, read the referenced reports in each summary for detailed discussion and Scriptural development.)

CHURCH AND FAMILY LEADERS:  Give a "PPT" presentation (45 charts) to your Church people of the Over-all Big Picture: (1) endtimes prophecy with how the endtimes are now unfolding (we will go through the soon-coming endtimes Tribulation); (2) becoming mature in Christ; and (3) what our churches must "urgently" do now to evangelize, mature our people, and prepare for the soon-coming endtimes. (KNOW AND UNDERSTAND THE BIG PICTURE Determining How Revelation's Endtimes Unfold (Endtimes Prophecy) Leading To What Our Churches Should "Urgently" Do Now)   (PDF)   (Updated 9-28-11)

Why Did God Create Us?   Urgently respond to God to gain His maximum plan for our lives and have His best in eternity.

Must read by church and family heads:  Aspects and Strategies in the Spiritual Warfare Between Christ and Satan Used to Gain Spiritual Maturity in Christ-likeness and to Terminate History - Our Churches Must Implement God's Requirements and Avoid Implementing Satan's Strategies

Summary and Detailed Documents by Category

WEBSITE ROAD MAP:   AND TO HAVE GOD'S BEST FOR BOTH NOW AND IN ETERNITY. There are many aspects, like a diamond's many facets, to grasp in order to know God's Plan for life, eternity, and how the endtimes unfold. This web site presents biblical doctrines for these in summary documents to see quickly the major concepts and in detailed documents to see a more complete overall picture, understanding, and Scriptural development. Understanding God's overall plan for history with its spiritual warfare, and what is biblically required to occur before the Tribulation and Rapture can come, allow better understanding of why we are here and how the endtimes unfold. Then you will see that we must first become a Christian, and afterward, become mature in Christ-likeness to know and relate to God toward His fullness. This prepares us for God directing and leading our lives now, in the endtimes, and especially in eternity. Apart from relating to God, there is nothing. We must not forfeit, through apathy, the life God has planned for us.

RAPTURE TIMING AND ENDTIMES PROPHECY:   WATCHMAN WARNING: THE ENDTIMES ARE UNFOLDING. Know the many prophetic doctrines, including those that drive our prophetic views. Systematic detailed studies of God's Plan, examining many doctrines (over 40), show clearly the Rapture will come Post-Tribulational. The 1000 years come as a day during Christ's Second Coming. Revelation's events are now unfolding according to Revelation's seven-sealed scroll in a Pattern Sequence. The United States is found indirectly in endtimes prophecy. Know what must occur or be completed that causes God to bring the Tribulation and the Rapture. Know the Tribulation's purposes. Signs and conditions now signal the Tribulation can come at any time with calamity and world government. Only God knows the timing. The churches and country are falling away to sin and less obedience to God. This is fulfilling satanic strategy that helps to bring the endtimes Tribulation. Churches should now do self evaluation and make needed changes working for revival. They should train their people (emphasizing the children and youth) to help them become more mature in Christ-likeness to the highest skill levels that they understand. They should help do area-wide evangelism, emphasizing the children and youth, implement home support groups, and put in provisions to get through the coming calamity. They should do these now while they still can. If they do not, they can be caught unprepared and blind sided when the calamity comes without warning like a sudden earthquake. See the endtimes scenario showing how the endtimes are unfolding, and what we will experience, according to the Pattern Sequence. Our children and youth must be prepared. (They will be educated Satanically by the state under the coming world government.)

KNOW GOD AND GO TO HEAVEN:  BECOME A CHRISTIAN AND BEGIN A WALK WITH GOD. God created us so we could know and relate to Him eternally in His perfection. We develop the needed spiritual ability in this lifetime. However, we are born with natures that sin. This sin keeps us separated from God and out of heaven. From God's love for us, Christ died on the Cross satisfying His Justice for our sin. As God works In us, we are to receive Christ's work as we pray to Him that we believe personally by our faith. We then become Christians and now we can go to heaven. We begin our walk with God by developing maturity as we learn to live by sacrificial love, and trusting Him to work all things together for our good. God, in His Holy Bible, has given us what we must believe and do to become Christians and thereafter walk with Him, giving Him glory from our hearts.

GOD'S PLAN FOR HISTORY:   BIBLICAL WORLDVIEW. Gain a strategic grasp of how God designed the Bible's events over history for us to become mature in Christ-likeness in relationship living. After becoming a Christian, God wants us mature in Christ- likeness in order that we can know and relate to Him with His perfect character qualifies, truth, and attributes more toward His fullness in eternity. He wants us to glorify and enjoy Him forever. His plan is the pathway to grasp the issues, and trends of our world crises that are leading to the endtimes Tribulation. The Worldview brings warning that calamity and world government are coming to bring divine discipline and to terminate history. We must ensure we are Christians, maturing our families in Christ, helping to do evangelism, preparing to stand strong in the endtimes, and be ready for eternity.

TRAINING THAT HELPS US BECOME MATURE IN CHRIST:   TRAIN TO GAIN THE MAXIMUM MATURITY TO KNOW AND RELATE TO GOD TOWARD HIS FULLEST BOTH NOW BUT ESPECIALLY IN ETERNITY. Train to become more mature in Christ by learning to live in head-subordinate relationships patterned after Christ's walk with the Father, live by faith, live by love, and with total commitment to live under God's Greatness. We should do this training before the Tribulation comes. We should emphasize training our children and youth at very high priority and with urgency. Our training time in freedom can be truncated at any time.

Bible Prophecy: Watchman Warning, The Endtimes Are Unfolding

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Watchman Warning book

DISCLAIMER: This web site presents our view of the Bible and what God intends for us. You are invited to study on your own to reach your own conclusions and pray for what God would have you do. We cannot be responsible for what you do or do not do. We have attempted to point the pathway to have God's intended best and, in our view, share for how the endtimes will unfold. This report is meant to come along side, bring added value, and encourage you to train and prepare. None of us have complete information.

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